3 Advantages Of Narrow Lot Designs (Perth)

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As Perth land prices snowball, more and more homebuyers on a budget are seeking new ways to get into the property market.

Enter narrow lot home designs (Perth). Using clever, innovative design techniques, these slim plans maximise every last inch of space, meaning you get all the advantages of living close to the action without having to compromise size.

In fact, the best narrow lot builders (Perth) are able to turn the perceived restrictions of a narrow lot into distinct advantages by utilising the space in imaginative ways. The challenge is to make the liveability as good (if not better) than a standard design.

Here are our top 3 advantages of building narrow lot homes (Perth):

  • Interesting design

Don’t want a cookie cutter home just like everyone else? A narrow lot home is forced to be different through necessity, leading to some striking design features.

Got rear access? Position your garage out the back for easy access, saving space for a feature verandah out the front. Don’t own a car? Go without the garage entirely!

  • No need to compromise

Just because the block is cramped, doesn’t mean your house will be. Thanks to clever urban design, narrow lot homes are able to incorporate many of the features normally expected of a home while still offering a sense of spaciousness.

Design elements like tall ceilings, open plan design, clever use of windows and intelligent orientation all add up to flood the home in natural light, resulting in outstanding open-feel liveability. Plus, by building boundary to boundary and implementing other space saving techniques, narrow lot builders (Perth) are able to incorporate an abundance of accommodation and features.

If you forget you’re in a narrow lot home when you’re inside it, the designers have done their job.

  • Affordability

With square metreage a huge player behind Perth’s snowballing land prices, it’s logical that the smaller the lot, the smaller the price. So by buying a narrow lot, you’re able to squeeze into an inner city location. Alternatively, you could choose to purchase a narrow lot in a more affordable suburb, freeing up funds to spend on other luxuries (did someone say wide screen TV?).

Easystart Homes – leading narrow lot home builders (Perth)

Easystart Homes want to help you realise your home ownership dream. And if that means building on a narrow lot, leave it to them to build a home that defies the unusually small footprint.

As the narrow lot builders Perth first homebuyers know and trust, Easystart Homes can design spacious new homes to suit blocks as narrow as 7.5 metres wide.

Check out the range of homes here!

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