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Our commitment to quality

We believe in our craftsmanship and back our claims with aftercare and guarantees so you feel confident in the quality of your home.

25 year structural guarantee

Once you have your keys, we are still here if you need us. We offer a Summit Homes Group 25 year Structural Guarantee which covers you (non-transferable) against negligence or faulty workmanship by the builder causing structural failure including, concrete foundations and slab, structural brickwork and structural timbers.

6 months defects period

If you encounter any problems with your home within the first six months from Practical Completion, our Service Department is available to offer home maintenance advice, and where necessary, undertake rectification of defects on your home.

Roof test and protection

After the completion of your home, we conduct a thorough roof cover inspection to make sure it’s in top condition. However, if you do experience a leak caused by faulty or incomplete work by the builder, we will promptly address and fix the issue!

Termite Protection

Worried about termites? Rest easy! We take termite protection seriously. Your home will be protected from these creepy crawlies. We follow the Australian Standards (A.S. 3660.1 – 1995) and employ methods to deter termites from the soil to your home above.

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