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As part of the Summit Homes Group, we have proudly built over 40,000 houses and have won countless awards, which means we know exactly what it takes to build long-lasting, quality homes for Western Australians 👏🏡

We take extreme pride in our building methodology and hone our skills every passing year – we’ve been doing this for over 45 years! We offer two building methods – BrickHybrid and Double Brick – to ensure your home will keep you safe and warm for years to come.

You’ll also be pleased to know that our building methods are of the highest energy efficiency rating, meaning your home is naturally comfortable all year round. In fact, the Summit Homes Group homes use 15% less energy compared to the national average. We think that’s pretty impressive!


This method of building is relatively new. An epic combination of brickwork (on the outside) and steel frames made from TRUECORE® steel (on the inside). With GTEK™ plasterboard and insulation added to the mix, the BrickHybrid method provides great energy efficiencies, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in WA’s sweltering summers.

Another plus to BrickHybrid is that it offers the best results of all the building methods in regards to sound-proofing. In the current market, this method is both time and cost-effective.

Double Brick

This method is the most traditional building method in WA. Double brick (or brick cavity) homes offer fairly decent acoustic properties, meaning you’ll enjoy a reduction in noise pollution (sounds, singing, blender, beats etc.)

However, brick’s thermal qualities aren’t as quite good as the BrickHybrid method. Due to innovation in steel construction, the industry is slowly saying goodbye to Grandfather double brick.


We only build with the best, and the best is TRUECORE® steel frames. We use TRUECORE® steel for the frame of your house, so it’s seriously sturdy, and won’t shrink, twist or warp over time. This steel complies with Australian Standards and is termite and fire proof. Learn more about our steel of choice.

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