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Is now the right time to build?

Posted 20 March 2020

If you’ve been considering building a home you’re probably asking yourself how the current COVID-19 outbreak could impact your new home build journey. I’d like to update you on how we’re handling this situation at Summit Homes to continue to help clients realise their new home dream.

Business as usual- with some changes

Our office is open and operating as normal, as are our disaply homes, with measures in place to protect our staff, clients and suppliers in line with Australian Government Department of Health advice.

While we are having to adjust our ways of doing business we’re still working with current clients, taking on new clients, running pre-start meetings, and handing over completed projects. These meetings are taking place in person,

with social distancing measures in place, or via phone or Skype. Construction timelines and the supply of materials currently remain uninterrupted.

Supply chain security

We have had meetings with all of our major suppliers to discuss the potential impacts of COVID-19 on supply chain. Many have enough stock in place locally to manage through any short-term disruptions to supply chain.

We have strong relationships with our suppliers that we have built up over 40 years. The strength of our balance sheet has also enabled us to pre-order, and pre-pay, a large number of items.

We are a fully vertically integrated business, with our own steel framing, plumbing, roofing, ceiling and finance businesses. The integration provides us with more control over supply chain and access to labour and materials.

We’re confident we can face these temporary challenges

While no business will be immune from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic Summit Homes Group is in a strong financial position to confidently address current challenges.

Summit is a family owned business so we understand the importance of family. Our staff are passionate about continuing to help WA families realise their new home dream. We can all work together to continue to keep our economy going and emerge stronger than ever.