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DIY space-saving storage solutions for first home buyers

Posted 31 October 2019

Can’t remember what colour your kitchen bench is? Drawers more packed out than a Travis Scott concert?

Clutter isn’t usually something you see in the first home buyers brochures, yet it can quickly become a fact of life once you settle into your new home if you don’t have enough storage.

Time to tackle trash and untidiness head on with these DIY space-saving storage solutions!

Tip #1: Fill the voids!

Look around your first home and you’ll notice there’s voids just about everywhere – under beds, on top of kitchen cupboards, beneath coffee tables, etc. Invest in some cheap and cheerful ornamental baskets and fill these spaces up – old Bali DVD’s can go under the coffee table, books can go under the beds and those less-utilised items can go up high in the kitchen (such as that ornamental gravy jug from Grandma.)

Tip #2: Do something with your doors!

The insides of bedroom doors, laundry doors and even wardrobe doors can hold multiple items nicely out of sight. For example, you can screw containers to the inside of your wardrobe doors to hold accessories, or put towel hooks on the back of bedroom doors to keep towels from cluttering up your bathroom

Tip #3: Aim high

There are multiple items that we place on the floor that can actually be hung up. Why waste your valuable first home buyer floor space, when you can hang a bike on the garage wall, or hang a stick vacuum cleaner up in the laundry? You can even get hanging storage for kid’s toys from IKEA.

Tip #4: Recycle

Before you toss out an item, consider whether it could actually be utilised to create more storage in your first home. Those pasta sauce jars could become storage for those items that usually spill everywhere, such as cotton buds and tips in the bathroom or flour and pasta in the kitchen. And before you throw out that tiered cupcake stand you never use, consider whether it could become an ornamental storage stand for lotions and perfumes.