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Meet the team!

Individually we know our stuff, and together, we are home ownership fanatics! With over 90 years of combined experience (woah 😱😮) the Easystart Team are the A-Team for your home ownership needs.

Meet Paul

Paul has been in the building industry for over 14 years and loves being able to think outside the square for his clients, guiding them into a home of their own. Helping over 450 clients with their home ownership goals, he is a bit of a finance guru who has high energy to empower his clients and is obsessed with detail (which is a good thing when building homes!)

When he's not in the building land, he enjoys fishing with his son, kite surfing and footy on the side. Of course, if someone were to play Paul in a movie, it would be Bruce Willis - Yippee-Ki-Yay - you know the rest.

Paul's favourite design is the Athens.

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Hiya Rosie

Rosie loves making home ownership possible for people who didn't think it was - followed closely by designing homes to suit individual lifestyles. With experience as a wall and floor tiler and a Cert 4 in Building and Construction under her belt, Rosie knows her stuff! She does business with the motto 'do the right thing' and listens to her client's needs before offering a solution, often going the extra mile to make it all happen.

When she's not helping clients into their first home, she is diving, camping, hiking or spending time with her Jack Russell named... Russell! J-Law would play Rosie in a film, and it would be all adventure, all energy, all entertainment; hello, Academy Award!

Rosie's favourite design is the Alberta as it's light, bright with a great use of space. 

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Say hey to Andy

Andy is a detailed orientated, laid-back guy who is passionate about demystifying the building process. He values the trust of his clients and goes the extra mile to make home ownership a reality for people who thought it was unachievable. Andy has done so for over 400 clients in the last decade, and nothing makes his day more than a happy client. He also loves to see the finished homes once everything and everyone is moved in! Andy is detail orientated and loves the design process, using 3D modelling to show his clients their changes in real-time.

In another life, Andy has been an artist and has experience as a trainee rail engineer and carpenter. With two great danes by his side, Ryan Reynolds would play Andy in a movie, and he would be renovating his beachside home with a plot twist. Rom-com turn thriller perhaps?

Andy's favourite design is the Athens as the kitchen sits to the side overlooking the open plan living area with visibility to the alfresco, so it's a perfect entertainer home. 

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Hi Denes

After more than a decade in the industry, Denes never tires of sharing the excitement of home ownership with his clients. He treats every client as he wants to be treated and has helped over 400 people on their home ownership journey. With a background in architecture, drawings, IT, home painting and decorating, Denes has quite the tool belt to help anyone wanting to build. In addition, Denes is passionate about finance, and by listening and being empathetic, he's managed to find solutions for many people that no one else would. His favourite saying is let's build a home together, what a guy!

Denes has recently become a father to a beautiful baby girl, but his first child is Frodo the chihuahua/jack russell! He loves camping, hiking and cross fit. Kit Harrington (you know, John Snow) would play Denes in a film, and it would be all about a man of mystery selling castles on the side – Game of Thrones turn Grand Designs?

Denes' favourite design is the Dallas as it's cleverly designed to maximise space - Yee Haw!

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Bonjour Paige 

It's in Paige's nature to work with people and help people. She loves working closely with our in-house finance team and showing clients just how easy it is to buy their first home! She's passionate about real estate and design and has even renovated her home.

Paige is also a singing teacher of ten years, so it's safe to say she's an excellent listener (even if your pipes aren't as good as hers), and she loves to know what her clients' dreams are for home ownership before turning them into a reality. She also believes the best time to plant a tree was yesterday - the second best time is now!

Her favourite design is the Marseille because of its dinner party vibes and the open plan living and scullery get the big tick of approval from Paige - she's pretty sure you'll l'amore this design too!

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Howzit Brian

Brian has been in the building industry (and Summit Homes Group) for nearly two decades. He's helped over 400 families achieve their home ownership goals, and with his extensive experience, he's got the skills to help overcome any obstacle on your journey AND find the best outcomes. Brian believes in treating clients as you want to be treated, and he loves assisting people in designing a home that's perfect for their lifestyle. 

Prior to joining Summit, Brian was a computer programmer and designed networks at an IT integration company. He's now a grandfather and loves cycling, bushwalks and the odd Netflix show. He said this (not us) someone follically challenged would play him in a film - what a jokester!

Brian's favourite design is the Marseille as its excellent value for money with a theatre AND scullery (we'll take one to go, thanks).

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Here's Edwin

Edwin has been in the building industry for over six years and knows a thing or two about helping first home owners. He's passionate about assisting people in realising their new home dreams and has done so for heaps of clients! With the motto "preparation, planning and process", Edwin is detail oriented with a killer eye.

In another life, Edwin was a barista and even owned a gelato shop. Lego masters move aside because when Edwin's not at the gym or playing sport, he loves good lego construction! Chris Pratt would perfectly play him in an action film, gelato shop by day, crime fighter by night - hilarious with a whole lotta charm!

Edwin's favourite design is the Kingston with its ability to maximise space.

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Talk to me Terri

Terri has been in the building industry for over 28 years and is dynamite when it comes to finance solutions for her clients. A qualifier by day, a chef by night and a dog lover in between, Terri is a gem and will help anyone with their home ownership goals. Terri believes the best time to build a house is as soon as you can, and she's helped 2,000 clients (no, that's not a typo) take the step into home ownership. 

Terri owned a fashion store before her love of property lead her to this role. If anyone were going to play her in a TV show, it would be Joanna Lumley, and she would be a bridge-playing superstar!

Her favourite design is the Hudson with a games room and spacious living area - noice.

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