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I don't have enough for a deposit
I can't afford rent and loan repayments while my home is being built
I don't want to change my lifestyle while my new home is being built
I don't have a savings plan
I don't think I can handle it without additional support
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    $0 savings. No worries. depositassist

    Each week you pay rent. But paying rent stops you from saving money for your first home. It's the classic rent trap: how do you save a deposit while you're still paying rent? Problem solved.

    We can help you with your deposit, even if you have zero savings of your own. Yes, if you can afford regular rent payments, there's a good chance you’re eligible for depositassist.

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    We'll pay your rent. rentassist

    That's right, while your new home's being built, we'll help pay your rent! It’s one of the biggest challenges when building a first home – starting the loan repayments and paying your rent at the same time. With rentassist, you’ll jump right over this hurdle.

    It's just another way we work hard to get you into your first home.

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    We can help while you build. buildingassist

    With buildingassist you don’t have to change your lifestyle while your new home is being built.

    From the time you decide to build to the time you move in, we’ll cover your building payments – so you don’t pay a cent until move in day.

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    You’re much closer than you think. savingsassist

    To reach your deposit sooner, we’ll tailor a savings plan to help you. With our team of finance experts behind you, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it can happen.

    We offer savings tips and support along the way and reward you for your awesome efforts! Even more, our consolidation plans quickly help deal with your unwanted debts so you can save more!

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    We can help your family help you. familyassist

    With your family and our help, you’re much closer to first home ownership than you think. Our finance professionals are experts at finding the best solution tailored to your financial situation.

    We have a range of options that your family can choose – from helping you with your deposit to paying off debt. Plus we’ll help incentivise your family by offering some great rewards!

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    Other ways we make it easy

    Access to Government Grants

    We make it our business to know about the extra funding that’s available to you!

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    Premium Specs

    It may be your first home, but don’t settle for second best!

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    Exclusive House & Land Packages

    We offer affordable house and land packages in great suburbs, all over Perth.

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    Access to Government Grants

    Did you know the Government offers a range of incentives to help low income earners get started? We're experts at identifying exactly what funding you're eligible for, and helping you apply for it - including the massive $10,000 First Home Owners Grant.

    Our in-house financial specialists will ensure you receive all Government grants you’re eligible for and will help you through the application process.

    Premium Specs

    We pride ourselves on building excellence, quality construction and exceptional customer service. Proudly part of the Summit Homes Group, our nearly 40 years of experience offers you premium-quality finishes and inclusions.

    We work hard to give you the best quality home.

    Exclusive House & Land Packages

    We have access to superb blocks in popular suburbs before they hit the market so we can offer exclusive House & Land packages North & South of the river – including the beautiful South West – with great inclusions and at an affordable price.

    With everything you need under the one roof, we're the one-stop-shop for first home buyers in WA. To tailor a house and land package to suit your budget and lifestyle enquire below.

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