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Narrow Lot Home Designs

Explore our range of Narrow Lot Home Designs

Big isn't always better 🙃 A narrow block doesn’t mean you have to compromise! We can help you max out every corner of your block with our seriously amazing home design options. 

These clever designs, feature open plan living, plenty of storage space, and great inclusions. Take a look - you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit in a narrow block house design.

Benefits of Narrow Lots

If you are thinking about a home on a smaller block - these are some of the perks!

  • Great use of space

    Our experienced design team take the perceived size restrictions of narrow lot homes and turn them into advantages by making use of space in the most innovative ways. Like, making the most of open plan living areas to ge the most out of the block and provide a sense of openness.

  • Affordable home and land

    Narrow lot homes are a great option if you want to get into your own home, on a budget. The size of the block is a huge factor in the price of land so, generally – the smaller the lot, the smaller the price (depending on the location). Also, a smaller home will also help keep to a budget.

  • Low maintenance yards

    Smaller block size = less space to look after. You don't need to spend hours every weekend cleaning the house or weeding, mowing, watering... 💦 Low upkeep is a win in our books!

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