First Home Buyers

The Building Process


Duration: approx. 4 - 6 months

The first big step! The PPA is your Preparation of Plans Agreement, or simply the first document you sign to get the process underway. This is the stage you also sign off on your specifications, initial approved plans and pricing.
This is the stage that engineers will do a survey of your block and generate the soil and footing report. Following this, your final plans will also be drafted and your final contract documents will be prepared.
This is when you’ll sign the final plans and contracts, taking into account the site survey and soil report. Now the construction is almost ready to being!
This is the fun part, where you get to choose everything from your bench tops to your window and door colours. This stage involves meeting with a Pre-start consultant, who takes you through these choices and provides advice and further information.
Just prior to construction, this is where you approve the final plans, taking into account your pre-start selections.
Almost ready to begin construction. The scheduling team will start establishing timings for the construction of your new home.

Duration: approx. 6 months

Construction commenced! The foundations for your new home commence with the installations of footings and the pouring of your slab.
At this stage, brick work is now completed and roofing framework is now being constructed ready for the next stage.
Your home is really taking shape now. At this point, your roof cover is installed and any outstanding external rendering will be completed.
This is a very important stage that signifies the last stretch of construction. Your home now has all windows and doors installed, so it can be physically 'locked up'.
Almost there. This is the final stage of construction. Electricity and gas will be turned on and final fittings and fixtures will be installed. At this point, there will be a Practical Completion Inspection, which identifies any final touch ups and amendments.
The day you've been waiting on is finally here! This is the stage you receive the keys, so you can make any finishing touches and shortly move into your new home.