In Debt? No Deposit? Ask about Easy Assist

Get into your own home sooner.

With Easy Assist, first home ownership has never been easier. In fact, no matter your financial situation, we can help. Maybe you need to get on track for a deposit. Or you’re struggling to clear your debts?

No worries; there’s an easyassist solution that’s right for you.

debt assist

NEW! Debt Assist

We'll pay your debt.

With Debt Assist, we pay your debts up to a certain amount to help you get in control and qualify for a home loan. Don't let debt hold you back. We'll help you get out of debt - and get on the path to owning your home.

deposit assist

Deposit Assist

Your deposit sorted.

How can you save for a deposit while you're still paying rent? With Deposit Assist - that's how. If you're making regular rent payments, there's a good chance you're eligible.

rent assist

Rent Assist

We'll pay your rent

With Rent Assist, we can help pay your rent while your new home is being built. How easy is that?

Contact Us to find out if you’re eligible.

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