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Back-to-Back: Winner of the MBA Project Builder of the Year 🎉🥳

Deposit Assistance

Buy a House Without a Deposit. Get into your own home sooner with our deposit assistance.

Money stress? No stress.

Maxed out your credit card? Loaded up with a car loan or Afterpay debt? Or maybe worrying about how to pay the rent while you build? You’re not alone.

Whatever financial challenges you be may facing right now, we’ve seen it before and our range of EasyAssist solutions are here to make life easier.

Debt Assist: We can cover your debts - up to a certain amount obviously - to help you get in control and to qualify for a home loan.

Deposit Assist: We can help build up your deposit so you can get into your own home. If you’re making regular rent payments, there’s a good chance you’re eligible.

Rent Assist: We can help pay your rent while your new home is being built.

Do I Qualify?

Complete the form below and we’ll let you know how much you can borrow and what finance options are available to you.

Your fortnightly income:
Partner's fortnightly income (if you have one):
Savings you have:
Fortnightly repayments (credit card, Afterpay, car loan):