As demand for inner city land continues to grow, narrow lot homes are becoming more and more common. Their surge in popularity has led to fantastic choice when it comes to looking for narrow lot builders in Perth.

Easystart Homes, Perth’s specialist first home builders, have narrow lot designs to suit blocks as narrow as 7.5 metres wide. Design Manager of Easystart Homes, Peter Wilkinson, offered some key advice on how home builders can make the most of their narrow lot.

“Any design element that increases the sense of space is vital,” said Mr Wilkinson. “Higher ceilings, open plan living, voids above the entry and staircase – they all create a sense of space that seem to defy the narrow footprint of the block."

“In regards to the sheer size of the home, it is worth exploring if you can build boundary to boundary, essentially utilising every square metre possible.”

The need to maximise space has led to many narrow lot designs being two-storey or even three-storeys high. “As a large percentage of narrow lot homes are located in the inner city, adding that additional height also lets you capitalise on any city views,” explained Mr Wilkinson.

Orientation is also crucial. North-facing rooms will be naturally flooded in light, adding to that sense of spaciousness. Enhancing your use of windows will also increase light flow and avoid rooms feeling ‘closed in’. If space permits, a central courtyard can allow light to penetrate through to the other side of your narrow lot home design.

It’s the minor details which can also make a big difference. “Consider those finishing touches like flush jam cavity slider doors that slide into the wall cavity, rather than imposing on precious space in rooms and hallways,” noted Mr Wilkinson.

“Maximising space outside is also vital. There are some great landscaping trends coming through, such as vertical gardens that give you a cool, urban sanctuary that feels far bigger than it actually is.

“Lastly, it is important to consider how you will be using your home. For example, not having a side gate may not be an issue if you are able to bring your bins out through the garage. All these little considerations can ensure your new narrow lot home optimises both your land and lifestyle.”

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