Why buy when you can build your first home?

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At some point in time, every first home buyer comes to a fork in the road – do you buy an established home or do you build?

As one of Perth’s most highly rated first home builders, we see firsthand the great benefits on offer for Perth first home buyers who choose to build. These benefits include:

  • First home buyer financial incentives

Of course, being a first home buyer in general, you’ll be entitled to the WA first home owners grant. But that’s just the beginning! When you choose to build your first home with us, we’ll give you an extra $10,000 in financial assistance, on top of the WA first home buyers grant, plus we’ll throw in a $5,000 boost, taking the grand total to $25,000! Not a first home buyer? No problem! Our $15,000 Easy Grant is available to everyone - we call it SHOG (it’s short for a Second Home Owners Grant!). Hurry, it’s for a limited time only!

And that’s just the beginning of the financial help we can offer to WA first home buyers. For example, our first home buyer finance specialists have made it possible for you to kick off building your first home with just $3000! Plus there’s depositassist, our dedicated first home buyer finance service that can help you get a home loan even if you are yet to lock away any savings.

  • Your new home is actually brand new!

Buying an established home usually means buying someone else’s wear and tear, like peeling paint, worn out flooring and maybe even an ancient oven or hot water system.

So unless you want to spend your weekends repairing or renovating, the other option is to build new!

  • Build it your way

After renting or living at home, becoming a first home buyer is your ticket to finally live the way you want to. Our first home buyers get to choose from heaps of home designs and house and land packages, which can make all the difference to your future lifestyle. And you’ll get to style your first home your way too, from bench tops to door colours!

  • Your first home is well protected

Whether you choose one of our high-quality Perth house and land packages, or find the perfect home design to suit your pre-purchased block, you’re in good hands when you build new with us. Our first home buyers enjoy great Summit Group guarantees, such as engineer-designed reinforced concrete slab and footings, a lifetime structural guarantee, housing indemnity insurance and a six month maintenance period from practical completion!

To buy or build? It’s an easy choice with Easystart Homes

At the end of the day, choosing your first home is all about value, from value for money to the value of your lifestyle.

We love seeing our first home buyers enjoy the many benefits of building new with us, and would love to take you on the same journey as well. It’s super easy, especially seeing as we also provide finance assistance under the one roof, so you can easily access the first home owners grant, keystart home loans (if needed) and heaps of other finance help.

It’s never been easier so call us today on 6555 7549!

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