We are back for the fourth time transforming lives with Matt & Kim to the Rescue!

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Guess who’s back? We’re back again for the FOURTH time, helping to transform lives with Matt and Kim to the Rescue, and we are so excited to share the results with you!

At Easystart Homes, as part of the Summit Homes Group, we’re Built Around People so helping the community is something we really value. This time we are transforming the home and lives of the Bates family, from Waikiki.

They are a gorgeous bunch of West Aussies that really needed a change of luck. Parents Amber and Russell with their four children, Ethany, Xavier, Imogen and Adison have been though their share of hardships. Adison was born premature with chronic lung disease, cerebral palsy, hypotonia, verbal and oral dyspraxia, dysarthria and sensory processing disorder. Xavier and Imogen are on the autism spectrum and Russell recently battled kidney cancer.

This young family live in a small and run down 1950s beach shack that needs a bit of TLC. Not only was the house simply too small for their large family, but as Amber home-schools their children, it needed a dedicated space for education and inspiration. Amber and Russell bought their house because it was close to the beach, with the intention of one day knocking it down to build their dream home. Unfortunately they haven’t had the chance… and that’s where Matt and Kim come in!

The dream of their perfect family home was taken away as a succession of medical issues took priority and the ever-increasing bills took over. Never complaining and ever optimistic, Amber and Russell decided to invest in their children’s lives first and simply accept that their home wouldn’t be changing for a long time.

As well as dedicating their lives to their children, Amber has tirelessly dedicated her time towards helping other parents going through similar situations that they did with Adison, even through her own family’s struggles. Tiny Sparks WA is a charity that Amber co-founded to assist women enduring high-risk pregnancies or families with a baby in a Neonatal Unit due to prematurity or illness. Russell and Amber’s dedication to providing the best future for their family is truly inspirational and they are very much deserving of a renovation!

The Summit Homes Group team once again showed their dedication to the cause, volunteering their time, energy and skills to this deserving family turning the Bates family’s house from a tired shack into their dream family home.

Matt and Kim led the rescue, expertly supported by our Building Manager Jeff Edgar who, drawing on his 30+ years’ experience in transforming homes with Summit Homes Group, has once again proved that amazing things can happen when great people work together.

The work was carried out in trademark Summit Homes Group speed over an incredibly busy four days which, as you’ll soon see, will have you reaching for the tissues yet again!

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