are you In the market to ditch the rental game and buy that first new home?

With competition on the rise, Perth house and land packages in an estate can make it happen!

But what exactly are house and land packages? And where do you start looking for them? Jared Stone, Sales Manager of Easystart Homes, takes us through the process.

“A 'house and land package' is basically a 'package deal' that includes both a new home and the land on which it's built in the price,” said Mr Stone. “This is a very popular way for developers to sell land in their estates as it is a very attractive option for buyers who wish to save a lot of time, hassle and money.”

While all developers must ensure the completed homes in their estates meet the minimum federal, state and local quality standards, each builder will be appealing to different buyers, even amongst those targeting first home buyers. “The quality of materials and workmanship can vary greatly between house and land packages,” said Mr Stone. “While some use price alone to attract buyers, the best builders will offer a rounded package that offers superb value without sacrificing quality.”

So, how do you find an estate that offers the best house and land packages in Perth?

First homebuyers should check each developer's credentials, according to Mr Stone, “Stay away from developers with a chequered history, and look only for those with a strong track record of success and happy customers.”

With countless developers offering house and land packages in Perth and the southwest, competition is hot. “What we’re seeing today are better deals for buyers as developers look to entice more people to their estates,” Mr Stone pointed out. “With variety so good, it pays to shop around.

“As part of the Summit Homes Group, Easystart Homes has exceptional relationships with all developers in WA. We can secure your perfect lot of land, be it north or south of the river as well as in the South West region.

“This allows us to provide competitive prices and a range of exclusive deals with various estates. For example, Easystart Homes has partnered with Mirvac to develop exclusive Perth house and land packages at two amazing estates south of the River: Osprey Waters and Seascapes. All our house and land packages are designed with quality inclusions and premium specifications to give you maximum space and comfort.”

Want to learn more about how Easystart Homes has some of the most competitive house and land packages (Perth, WA)? Contact us today!

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