Complete Home Packages: Why a Turnkey Package Is The Perfect Solution For A First Home Builder

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What emotions do you associate with living in a home of your own? Happy? Proud? Excited?

How about the actual building part?

You know: choosing a builder, choosing a home design, working out finance…all that sort of stuff. Exciting? Maybe. Relaxing? Not likely.

Your other option as a first home buyer is to buy an existing property. It’s a life-changing decision, and both options have pros and cons you’ll need to weigh up.

Complete home packages have soared in popularity in recent years. 

Here’s why turnkey homes (Perth) could be the perfect solution for you!

Ready built homes (Perth) are highly appealing to first home buyers for a number of reasons.

For a start, everything is brand new, so there’s no worrying about something falling apart after settlement. You can also design your home with a builder to make sure it’s the perfect fit for you and your family. Turnkey homes are ideal if you need to stick to a budget too, because everything is included.

With turnkey homes, all you really need to do as the buyer is turn the key! If you opt for a turn key package over buying an established home, however, you’re more likely to live further from the CBD and established suburbs, depending on the availability of land. Your garden will, of course, be less established too.

How about buying an established home?

Well for a start, you’ll probably be able to move in sooner, because the existing property is probably ready to move in to. Once the contract settles, you’re in! Also, compared to a brand new home an established home can have ore character and better established gardens with mature plants and trees.

However, buying an established home also has its disadvantages.

For a start, you have no say in the layout or design of the home you purchase. You’re also more likely to spend money on the property after settlement on upgrades such as painting and renovations. If an established home needs a new bathroom and kitchen, for example, it could end up costing you significantly more than building a home of your own. If the home is older, you’ll also need to budget for maintenance costs in the future.

Easystart make it easy with their complete home packages!

Easystart take the hard work out of home-building. Packed with features, Easystart Homes offer great turnkey packages (Perth) where all you have to do is literally turn the key!

Your turn key package can include*:

  • Quality flooring including carpets, underlay and vinyl throughout
  • Quality window treatments throughout
  • 20mm stone bench tops to kitchen
  • 31c high ceilings to entire home
  • Contemporary elevations to suit development requirements
  • Double lock up garage with remote sectional door
  • Fencing and reticulated landscaping

Contact Easystart today to see just how easy it is to build a home of your own !

*Inclusions of turnkey packages may vary.

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