Turnkey homes are complete home packages which are the ultimate hassle-free option.

Thousands of new home builders are choosing the turn key option because of the stack of benefits on offer.

There are heaps of pros to choosing ready built homes (Perth), and buyers love them. At handover you have a fully completed home. All you need to do is ‘turn the key’.

A turnkey home is a complete home package with plenty of added benefits, such as:

  • No nasty surprises

The fixed, all-inclusive price means there are no unexpected bills when the home is completed. Common frustrations of home builders are having to find money for things like landscaping and letterboxes which they hadn’t allocated for in their building budget.

  • Peace of mind

Rather than having to make lots of tough decisions along the way – like which landscaper to use, or where to purchase a letterbox – make one big decision upfront, and choose the best builder to build you a turnkey home. Once that’s done, the complicated and confusing stuff along the way isn’t your problem!

  • Easy on your schedule

Turnkey packages are hassle-free because the builder does all the work for you. Who has the time to run around trying to get suppliers and trades sorted? You can’t afford an afternoon off work to wait for a tradie to rock up. Have your builder deal with them instead!

  • Sweet deals

Ready built homes (Perth) are often packaged with an attractive price to match. All your internal and external works are given to you at a fixed, budget-friendly price. Easy! So yes, you can afford those front-row concert tickets!

  • You focus on the fun stuff

Like the house warming party! Choosing a turnkey package means your home is ready to be lived in at the time of handover. Light fittings, a letterbox, fencing, landscaping, clothes line, carpets and floor tiles are done. BYO drinks, snacks and playlist and you’re good to go!

  • Easy for first homebuyers

Building a home for the first time can be overwhelming! There’s a lot to think about. Not with a turnkey home – your builder can take care of all the complicated details for you.

Easystart Homes has helped thousands of first home builders in Perth, and that’s because their primary objective is to make everything as ‘easy’ as possible.

Easystart Homes are leading from the front with the highest quality, value-packed turnkey packages Perth homebuyers trust. Contact the team at Easystart today and have a chat about how a turn key package will benefit you!

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