Turnkey homes versus building a new home in Perth

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If you’re a first home buyer looking at new homes in Perth, your first home builder will likely give you two ways to go about building your first home – either you can choose a new home design or a turnkey home.

  • What are the pros and cons of building turnkey homes in Perth?


Turnkey homes in Perth are also known as ‘ready built homes’. This ‘ready built’ aspect of a turnkey home can be a huge pro for first home buyers – your first home builder has already been hard at work creating a new home that is just about fully finished, meaning there is a lot less for you to think about!

This can also mean that ready built homes in Perth are better value for money – for example, at Easystart Homes, our first home builder team can tap into the buying power of the entire Summit Homes Group, meaning we can finish your turnkey home in Perth for less than if you went and bought all those extra items yourself.

Another pro of turnkey homes in Perth is that you can move straight in once you get the keys, and will have a pretty good idea of your new home’s finish date.


Because turn-key homes in Perth are packaged up with all the finishing touches, there’s less opportunity for you to be involved in the design and specification of your new home.

You might also end up paying for some items you don’t particularly want as well, simply because they are already included in the price of your turnkey home.

  • What are the pros and cons of building a new home that isn’t turnkey?


If you choose to build a new home that isn’t turnkey, there’s a lot more scope for you to be involved in the style and function of your new home. Working together with your first home builder, you’ll get to select a design from their new homes in Perth portfolio and make whatever tweaks you’d like. You might adjust the floorplan or make changes to those finishing touches, such as where the power points will go! The outcome is a new home that is tailored to your unique lifestyle and also your budget as well.

Unlike a turnkey home, you only pay for what you want to be included in your new home.


Because your new home hasn’t been carefully packaged up with lots of extras, the value for money might not be as great as a turnkey home.

You may also find that your first home requires more time to build than a ready built home in Perth, as the design, approvals and building stages can each take a bit longer.

Build your first home your way with Easystart Homes

At Easystart Homes, we make it as easy as possible to become a first home buyer, whether that means selecting one of our new homes Perth or opting for a ready built turnkey package.

We give first home buyers heaps of choice and value, no matter which road you take along your first home buyer journey.

To find out more about our new homes in Perth and ready built homes Perth, it’s easy-peasy to call our first home builder team on 6555 7549!

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