Turn your tax return into your first home deposit!

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If you’re hoping to become a first home buyer sooner rather than later, this time of year can often result in a very tidy boost to your savings.

Yep, it’s tax return time! Just like Christmas in July, those nice people at the Australian Tax Office decide to give most of us a financial gift by returning our excess tax payments.

While it can be tempting to blow it on a trip to Bali, a quick trip won’t compare to the life long rewards of finally owning your first home. So when that tax return appears in your bank account, come and lock away your first home with us!

Got $3,000 back in tax? We’ll give you a house!

Our in-house finance team know first home finance back to front. We make it super easy for you to become a first home owner with access to super competitive low deposit home loans and government grants - all you need is $3,000*!

Want more cash? We’ll get you the $10k WA First Home Owners Grant, plus a $5k boost*!

The WA First Home Owners Grant stands at a whopping ten grand, and we can help you secure every cent. What’s more, we’re so keen to help you become a first home buyer that we’re currently throwing in a #NoFirstHomeFOMO $5,000 FHOG boost!

And in even better news, you might also qualify for an extra $10,000* in easyassist financial payments which is on top of the $10,000 First Home Owners Grant. It’s easy to find out more – just have a chat to one of our friendly first home specialists!

The key to your first home dream could be Keystart

Keystart loans have helped thousands of West Australians to become first home owners, and you could be next!

With a Keystart variable interest rate loan, you only need a 2% deposit (of which only 1% has to be genuine savings). Plus, you won’t have to find the cash for mortgage insurance either.

Even if you didn’t qualify for a Keystart loan before, changes to income limits mean you now might!

It all adds up to easy-peasy first home ownership with us!

One of the big reasons we have first home finance specialists in-house is because it makes it that much easier to get competitive, customised finance for your first home. Whether you’re looking at house and land packages, or already have the land and need to finance construction, we can help make it happen.

To find out more about the First Home Owners Grant (plus our $5k boost!), Keystart loans and our house and land packages tailored to all budgets and lifestyles, contact our team today!

*Terms and Conditions apply. Speak to a New Homes Consultant for details.

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