Top Tips To Build Your First Home

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Want to build but don’t know where to start?

When setting out on your very first home building journey, you’re about as inexperienced as a paper plane champ piloting a NASA rocket. That’s why you need to learn as much as you can about the process before you embark.

The more you educate yourself now, the less stressful it will be later, and the greater the chances you’ll end up in the right new home (Perth), at the price you can afford.

Here are our top 5 tips for first home buyers looking to purchase a new home (Perth).

  • Get a grip!

Buying a new home (Perth) is a totally emotional decision, but it’s important to keep your emotions in check. Don’t be sucked in by that special home entertainment system offer at the expense of build quality and other key features. Remember – this is likely the biggest financial commitment you’ve made in your life so far – so read the fine print and stick to your priorities.

  • Keep to your budget

What’s the point of forking out for the home of your dreams if you can’t afford to furnish it or cover your mortgage repayments? It’s crucial that you allow a buffer in your budget so you aren’t tempted to get carried away. Don’t forget that the price tag of a new home (Perth) isn’t the price you end up paying. Your budget should factor in the cost of stamp duty, settlement fees, council rates, insurance and moving costs.

  • Get your finance sorted early

Because you are planning to build a new home (Perth) instead of purchasing an existing residence, you may need one loan for the land and one for the construction of the home. When looking for your lot, asking your lender to pre-approve your finance will allow you to react immediately when you find the land you want. And when it comes to building, you’ll need to explore ‘construction finance’ options (not just home finance). Talk to various lenders to compare products, and be sure to ask for a ‘key facts’ sheet so you can quickly compare the most important finance features.

  • Be patient

The longer you spend looking for your dream lot and home design, the more tempting it becomes to just buy whatever. Avoid this at all costs, or you’ll end up settling for something you don’t want.

  • Ask for advice

First home buyers often feel overwhelmed with the building process, and really do benefit from having someone to guide them through the process. Be sure to talk to people you trust, whether friends, family or a trusted builder, who you can bounce ideas off of and gain advice from before you commit to anything.

Easystart Homes – the builder first home buyers trust

Once you’ve got your head around the home building process, what you can afford and the type of home you want to build, talk to Easystart Homes. We make building a new home (Perth) simple and easy by guiding you through the entire process, including setting you up with finance and even helping you develop a savings plan.

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