Top 5 First Home Buyer Myths Busted

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From the Loch Ness Monster to the Abominable Snowman, myths have a habit of sticking around longer than an impromptu tattoo.

And if you’re thinking about building your first home, chances are you might hear a few more! To make sure you know the fact from the fiction, we bust the top five first home buyer myths:

  • Myth #1: You need a big deposit to build your first home (think 20%!)

Delaying your first home dream in order to save the required coin? Don’t! While you may have been told that you need a big deposit to secure finance for new homes (Perth), the reality is that you actually don’t need a deposit at all! At Easystart Homes, we have a nifty product called ‘depositassist’, a no savings home loan solution that means less renting and more building in no time at all!

  • Myth #2: You won’t have much choice in where you live

While past stories might have you believing that you’ll be offered a few suburbs to choose from when building your first home, the truth is way more exciting! We proudly give you loads of choice with house and land packages in stacks of locations. Think Bayswater, Canning Vale, Hamilton Hill, Bassendean, Balga, Spearwood, Midland, Harrisdale, Jindalee, Beechboro, Baldivis, Two Rocks, Girrawheen, Coogee, Ellenbrook….you get the idea!

  • Myth #3: Your design options are limited on a smaller block

While it’s usually the smaller blocks that are in budget for first home buyers, this doesn’t mean accepting the reality of a small or poky house! You can do amazing things on virtually any size block, provided you pick a home builder who is accustomed to building on the types of blocks that are popular amongst first home builders. Take a 10m frontage for example. At Easystart Homes, we can build you a spacious three bedroom, two bathroom home on a 10m-wide block, letting you live large from day one. We can even build on as little as 7.5m wide!

  • Myth #4: Your first home will be built with cheap materials

It’s a natural assumption that the new homes (Perth) built for first home buyers are ‘cheaper’ – not just in price, but in quality too. But we don’t think you should settle for less! It’s why we refuse to cut corners in our construction process, choosing only quality inclusions such as steel framed roofing, so you can relax knowing your first home is first class.

  • Myth #5: You have to finish your first home yourself

For many reasons, such as the home builder not including the finishing touches in the house price, you might be expecting to have to finish your first home yourself. This is hard yakka – laying internal flooring, paving, building retaining walls, installing reticulation, gardening and so on. But before you accept that every weekend will be spent working on the home for the foreseeable future, allow us to dispel this myth with our turn-key home offerings, (AKA the easy homes!). For one affordable price, we include flooring, window treatments, double lock up garage with sectional door, fencing AND reticulated landscaping.

The terrific truth: Easystart Homes are here to help!

From busting myths to building incredible houses, at Easystart Homes we love showing first home builders how easy it is to achieve big dreams on a not-so-big budget. To chat about what exciting possibilities await, or to simply pick up some tips for building a new home, give us a call on 6555 7549!

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