Nothing beats having a place to call home - somewhere you can paint the walls any colour you like, and hang pictures on every other wall. And the sooner you can save that deposit, the sooner you’ll be moving in!

Here are our Top 5 Budgeting Tips to get you on your way!

  • Be savvy with socialising

Never fear, social butterflies - you don't need to clip your wings. There are plenty of ways to save for your new home while regularly fluttering around town with your friends. If you love dining out, for example, book in your catch-ups on days of the week which many restaurants offer special deals.

Alcohol-consumption can be a budget killer too. Not just the cost-per-drink, but the booze-goggles tend to be more focussed on spending than saving. Our tip? Find restaurants that let you BYO!

  • Unsubscribe to temptation

You know those emails that pop up in your inbox; "Today Only - 25% off!", or "Spend And Save! Must end at midnight!" These deals make impulse-buying especially tempting if you're having a mundane afternoon at work. But it’s best to avoid the pricey retail therapy and unsubscribe. Then you don’t even have to deal with temptation. It’s also a great tip to keep down clutter in your inbox!

  • Bye-bye bank cards

A simple way to budget is to allocate a weekly amount of ‘spending money’ in cash.

Withdraw the nominated amount from your bank's ATM once a week, and then leave your bank card at home. Withdraw your weekly budget amount on a Monday rather than a weekend, when you're inclined to splash more cash around. When Saturday night rolls around, you know you can spend whatever's left in your wallet, and plan accordingly.

  • Watch Your Wi-Fi

Try to be savvy with your internet usage.

Many people are paying quite a bit for home Wi-Fi which they don’t actually use or need. If your employer offers free Wi-Fi, connect your phone, tablet or laptop to theirs and do your personal web-browsing and email-checking at lunch. Many shopping centres and cafes also offer free Wi-Fi. If you’re living in a flat or apartment, you may even wish to consider sharing a connection with a neighbour.

  • Re-Visit Your Financial Commitments

Check on the status of your private health insurance, mobile phone contracts, etc.

Often we sign up for commitments with a monthly direct debit and forget about it. Insurance companies try to keep their cover competitive and are constantly updating their offers. It’s worth revisiting cover you signed up for months ago, as a similar plan may have dropped in price. Same goes for mobile phone companies – compare deals.

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