To Rent Or Not To Rent – That Is The Question!

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The conundrum of whether to keep renting or take the plunge and build your own home crosses many a mind at some point. And while renting may seem like the obvious cost-effective choice, this actually may not be the case.

Jared Stone, Sales Manager of Perth home builders Easystart Homes, believes many renters are unaware of the advantages they are missing out on by not building their first home with a top new home builder.

“Renters are approaching us having overestimated the costs involved in building a new home,” he said. “The traditional belief is that renting is far cheaper than buying, but this doesn’t always ring true. High demand has seen the cost of rentals go through the roof, in some cases bringing them close to mortgage repayments.”

Mr Stone pointed out that relatively low interest rates and affordable housing designs combined for the perfect home buying scenario.

“One of the first ‘put-offs’ is usually the ‘big scary’ mortgage,” he said. “But the truth is, while interest rates aren’t at historical lows, they are still very attractive. And when you factor in the low prices of high quality house and land packages on the market offered by some Perth builders, repayments will likely be far less than renters think.”

The advantages of homeownership become clearer after doubts about costs and building hassles dissipate.

“Once renters realise new home builders in Perth allow them to comfortably buy land and build their own home for as little as $289,000, the excitement starts to build,” he said. “Without a landlord and strict contract restrictions, you’re free to do things you wouldn’t normally be able to.

From choosing a design that reflects your tastes, to changing the wall colour at will and even owning a pet - it’s your house, so you can do what you want!”

According to Mr Stone, Easystart Homes is one of the leading cheap home builders in Perth helping renters make a seamless transition to first homeownership.

“We’ve been specifically set up as a Perth home builder that helps people buy their first home,” he said. As part of the Summit Homes Group, our maturity and experience shines through - you can’t overestimate the assurance that comes with knowing your Perth builder has some of the best building practices in WA, backed by HIA and MBA awards.

“Then it’s a matter of making the whole building experience easy and hassle free. We give you direct contact with your new home builder supervisor and even construction manager, as well as regular updates on your building progress via our ‘Click Home’ system.”



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