The Ultimate Kids’ Room Makeover: Creative Ideas From Leading Home Builder (Perth)

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Is your kid’s room stuck in the style of yesteryear? Has years of abuse left the furniture looking like it’s one wayward toy away from a TKO?

Kids’ bedrooms are often the first in the house to show signs of wear and tear, meaning they’re also the first to need a serious update. As creative zones where your kids can learn and invent, keeping them looking fun and inviting will help them feel inspired to run amok!

Here are some creative ways you can give your kid’s room a makeover without breaking the bank, courtesy of the home builders Perth looks up to – Easystart Homes.

  • Give the room a theme

What’s your kid’s favourite animal? Cartoon character? Superhero? Pick a theme you know they’ll love and keep your eyes open for things like furniture pieces, cushions and bedspreads that tie in. Peter Wilkinson, Design Manager of Perth home builders Easystart Homes, believes a fun, colourful themed wall decal gives a room that ‘wow’ factor. “Wall decals are great ways to make your room unique for your child,” he said. “Think favourites such as animals or dinosaurs, sharks, ships and fairies and you’ll bring any dull room to life.”

  • Spray paint old furniture

Rather than replace your old furniture, give it a new lease on life with a bright new colour.

After all, will your five year-old really appreciate that designer piece? Peter Wilkinson, Design Manager of Perth home builders Easystart Homes says spray painting furniture is a terrific alternative to painting an entire room. “Painting a room is the best way to lift the mood, but can be expensive, while painting your existing furniture will add that splash of colour to really make their room pop!”

  • Colourful, funky rugs

Rugs aren’t just practical – they look awesome too! Whether as a comfy place to play on cold floorboards, or a way to cover old, ugly carpet, colourful rugs can really pull a room together. Peter Wilkinson, Design Manager of Perth home builders Easystart Homes says; “Buying a rug is a great idea – it will look colourful, create a fun play zone and is a heap cheaper than re-carpeting an entire room.”

  • Light up the night!

Still running the standard dangling globe? “You won’t believe the crazy types of light fittings out there that can really brighten up a room,” says Peter Wilkinson, Design Manager of Perth home builders Easystart Homes . “From fun shapes to animals and even personalised light fittings, they’re a quick and easy way to switch on the fun factor!”

  • Pin it up!

Pin up boards look sweet and allow your kids to pin up all their latest creations. Peter Wilkinson, Design Manager of Perth home builders Easystart Homes says; “Pin up boards come in a huge range of different colours and sizes, and are the perfect place to show off artworks, posters, photos and calendars. Hopefully it will stop them marking the walls with Blue-Tack too!”

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