The Ultimate First Home Buyers' Checklist

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What every first time homebuyer needs to know!

Ready to own your own home? Check. Not sure where to start? Check!

Like taking on that first job to the first time you drive a car, doing something you’ve never done before can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. To help kick-start your grand plans of owning your own pad, grab hold of this First Home Buyer checklist!

  • Figure out where you do (and don’t) want to live.

Whether you’re chasing a house and land package, or just the land first, get ready to be overwhelmed with options. To help focus your attention, first do your research into what suburbs you’re happy to live in. North or south of the river? Coastal or foothills? Chances are you could probably rule a stack of suburbs out based on the cost of land, the distance to family/friends/work, transport options, etc. Once you’ve got that suburb shortlist happening, you can focus your energy and attention on these key areas.

  • What builders are you going to trust?

A flashy ad or website, even a fancy display home, doesn’t necessarily tell you a lot about whether or not that home builder is the one to trust. After all, there are budget home builders (Perth) that simply build as cheaply (and nastily) as possible, versus those budget home builders who are certainly affordable but refuse to cut corners where it counts. Look for those builders that have the reputation to back them up – think case studies on their website, good Facebook feedback and positive word of mouth at the local pub.

While a lot of home builders can promise affordable homes (Perth), they won’t necessarily specialise in first home builders, meaning they might not be fully across how to access first home buyer grants and generally won’t appreciate that you need extra special guidance as you tread this new ground.

  • What’s included in the price?

Had your head turned by a low price? Check what you get! All too often, the fine print reveals that your ‘super amazing deal’ means you’ll be handed the keys to a home that doesn’t have flooring, paintwork or even light fittings! At the very minimum, you should receive a house that is ‘liveable’, not one that requires a lot of time and money to finish off.

  • How am I paying for this?

It’s worthwhile ticking finance off your list early on, so you know exactly what coin you have to play with. Of course, saving for a deposit first is preferable – if anything, it shows that you can religiously put money away each week, which you will need to do when paying off a home loan.

There are a lot of home loans (Perth) to consider, from low deposit home loans to even zero deposit loans! If you’ve already got a home builder in mind, ask them if they provide impartial finance solutions in-house, so you can ideally keep both finance and home building in the one place.

  • Fees you might not see coming

Keep in the back of your mind that additional costs are an annoying extra when buying a home – stamp duty, lenders mortgage insurance, home loans (Perth) fees, just to name a few!

  • Get protected

Check out all warranties before you sign anything – look for a building guarantee, structural warranties and a building maintenance period.

  • Stay cool

Excitement can cause you to gloss over finer details, or ignore red flags in the heat of the moment. Try not to get caught up in ‘today only deals’ or pushy staff that rush you to make a decision.

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