The Home Building Process: Perths Best Builder Tells You What To Expect

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Time to cut the apron strings and move out of the family home? Or sick of your rental payments going towards someone else’s mortgage?

Deciding to build your own home makes a lot of sense – you get your very own space, plus maybe a bit more breathing space financially too, with rental prices still fairly high and interest rates pretty low.

So you’re ready to push the construction button – but what lies ahead? There are many stages involved in building a new home, and it’s worthwhile getting your head around the general build process before you get started.

The best builders in Perth are more than happy to shed some light on the process. In fact, Easystart Homes have even made an interactive timeline on their website to take you quickly and easily through each stage. You can check it out here, but in the meantime, here’s an overview of what to expect along the way.


PPA signing: The PPA is your Preparation of Plans Agreement. These are the first documents you sign to get the construction train a-moving!

Site survey & soil report: Time to find out what lies beneath with a soil and footing report. Engineers will survey your block to put this report together.

Building contracts presented & explored: With the surveying and soil analysis ticked off, your final plans and contracts can be prepared and signed.

Pre-start colour selections: Time to get picky! Your Pre-start consultant will help you pick out the key selections of your new home, including bricks, pavers, roof sections, windows and doors.

Final drawing sign-off: Now you’ve locked down those finer details, it’s time to approve the final drawings.

Scheduling: This is the last stage before actual construction begins. To make sure your new home is built efficiently, schedulers will work out the right timings for everything to take place. The best home builders in Perth will be well equipped with quality trades to eliminate any lengthy delays.


Slab down: It’s a pretty sweet feeling to drive past your block and see a freshly laid slab. These foundations for your new home let you know that construction has well and truly commenced!

Plate high: While ‘plate high’ sounds like something you achieve at a Sunday BBQ, it’s actually best ‘builder speak’ for when the brick work is completed and the roof timber is being constructed.

Roof: This is when your work-in-progress starts to look like a real home, thanks to the roof cover being installed. Any outstanding external rendering is also completed at this time.

Lock-up: Now you’re on the home stretch (pardon the pun)! Your new home can be physically locked up as the windows and doors are installed.

Practical Completion: With the power and gas turned on and the last fittings and fixtures installed, it’s time for your Practical Completion Inspection. You’ll probably do this inspection twice to make sure that any issues arising from the first inspection have been taken care of.

Handover: As the name suggests, this is when the keys to your brand-new home are handed over. Enjoy this awesome time settling in, and don’t forget the housewarming party invites!

Now you’ve got a taste of what lies ahead, why not chat to one of the best builders in Perth about getting your dream first home off the ground. Easystart Homes have heaps of stylish, spacious designs and will make the whole process incredibly easy from go to whoa.


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