The First Home Buyers In Perth Checklist: Top 5 Things To Consider When Building Your First Home

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  • Location Location Location

Being a first home builder in Perth means you’ve got a lot of locations to choose from.

New estates are continuously popping up north, south, east (and sometimes west) of the city. Are you hoping to stay fairly close to friends and family? Keen to stay near a train line? Or just after as much land as you can get for your budget? Taking the emotion out of the equation, it’s often best to secure the best location you can get for your budget. This might mean sacrificing some land space, but you’ll likely be maximising your future return on investment if you can buy in (or close to) an established area with transport links, medical and retail facilities already in place. It’s also worth considering that while you might save money upfront by buying on the fringes of Perth, the possible extra cost of commuting can eat into these savings over time.

  • What can you afford?

With interest rates at relatively low levels, it’s a great time for first home buyers (Perth) to take out a mortgage.

Have a play around with mortgage calculators online to see what size loan you can afford to sustain over the long term. Consider all the other things you need to pay for across the course of a year – bills, clothing, entertainment, unexpected car repairs, etc., and ensure you’ve got enough left in the kitty to cover these costs as they pop up.

  • Finding finance

You’ve got a few options when it comes to finding finance for your first home.

You could deal directly with a bank or credit union, or engage the services of a mortgage broker who will compare multiple lenders to find the deal best suited to you. We recommend speaking to your first home builders about their in-house finance assistance. Most quality first home builders will have their own finance team, meaning your finance and new home build will be managed under the one convenient roof. In addition, these finance people are likely to be well experienced in obtaining finance for new home builds, which differs to the process of financing an established home.

  • Access your First Home Owners Grant!

As first home builders, you’re entitled to some nice little perks to assist your leap into the property market.

The biggest bait is the First Home Owners Grant. Because you’re looking to build instead of buy an established home, it’s possible that you’re entitled to the full $10,000 grant. You’re also likely to pay no (or very little) stamp duty, keeping more of those precious dollars in your pocket.

  • Trust the right builder

A slick website or press advertisement doesn't shed much light on the quality, integrity and trustworthiness of your new first home builder.

We recommend speaking to family and friends about their home building experiences, and looking for builders who have stood the test of time (it means they’re doing something right!).

With that in mind, Easystart Homes should definitely be on your consideration list. As part of the renowned Summit Homes Group, Easystart Homes specialises in helping first home builders (Perth) achieve their property dreams. Play with the home loan calculator on their website, let their finance team secure you the right home loan deal and all grants, and enjoy browsing their stylish designs to find the first home that suits your land and lifestyle perfectly.




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