On the ninth day of Christmas, Easystart Homes sent to me: 9 wonderful ways to style your new home on a budget and 9 ladies dancing!

Many first home buyers are so caught up in budgeting for their deposit, future mortgage payments and services that they forget to factor in costs for styling a home.

Furnishing your home is what transforms new homes from bricks and mortar into a place that reflects you – a place that feels like home. And just because you're starting from scratch, it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.

Check out our 9 top design tips below: 

  • 50 shades of grey

Let’s start with paint. Many first home buyers see their bland plaster walls and think bold bright colours are what’s needed to lift the style factor in new homes. In reality, the opposite is often true. Go for neutral shades like white, chalk and stone, then add colour through other elements.

  • Fluffy stuff & arty things

Now that your home is like a fresh, blank 3D canvas, you can introduce splashes of colour. Stores like Target and Kmart are usually great places to find cushions in the season’s latest trends. Art needn’t be expensive either - online stores like Etsy have reasonably priced prints. Look for artwork that captures the tones and colours of your cushions to help carry the theme throughout your home.

  • Go easy on Ikea

We all love a bit of Scandinavian style, but there’s no need to recreate the entire Ikea catalogue in new homes. We recommend you hit up Ikea for all your minor furnishings like lamps, and source larger items elsewhere, and possibly for much cheaper too.

  • Gumtree it up

There’s no shame in second-hand, and online classifieds are a treasure trove for low priced furnishings! You can spend days trawling for different homewares, or why not place a wanted ad and let the perfect piece find you?

  • Vintage is in (and cheap)

Speaking of second hand, don't feel like you should be looking for the newest piece of furniture at the lowest price. Vintage style is definitely in, and there are many great places to find unique pieces. Op Shops - or ‘Thrift Shops’ (thanks Macklemore) – can be treasure troves. You just need a bit of luck.

  •  Choose a ‘hero piece’

Every room in new homes needs what we call a ‘hero piece’ – that one awesome furnishing that you can style your room around. It could be an awesome red leather armchair, a big mirror or an oversized sculpture. Whatever it is, go big, go bold.

  •  Cutlery shcmutlery

Don’t get sucked into thinking that beautiful cutlery is important – let’s face it, pizza is a finger food! All you really need is the basics for now – places like Kmart and Target have el cheapo dinnerware that won’t wear a hole in your pocket.

  •  Lamps

Gentle lighting softens rough features of a home and creates a pleasant mood at night. And because you use lower watt globes, they could potentially cut your power bill too.

  • DIY roller blinds

If the TV commercials are anything to go by, you probably think that the first place you should go for cheap blinds are the big curtain companies? But don't get blind-sighted – you could end up paying hundreds (maybe thousands) to have the blinds custom fitted. Places like Spotlight sell basic roller blinds in various lengths that might be suitable for your window size. Even if they’re not, just buy the closest size and trim to suit – it’s easier than you think.

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