3 Easy Steps To Owning New Homes (Perth)

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Let’s face it - buying your first home can seem scary. Not boogeyman scary. Not ‘afraid of the dark’ scary. More like ‘I’ve-never-really-had-a-responsibility-bigger-than-making-sure-my-shoes-are-tied’ kind of scary…

But never fear! It’s easy to get into your first home if you follow these 3 simple tips for building a new home.

Step 1: Sort out your finance

First trick – work out how much you can actually afford to spend on a home and then finance accordingly. At a minimum, you will need a 10% deposit, as well as enough funds to cover legal fees, a building inspection and stamp duty. Save up as much as you can, then be realistic with the type of home you want.

Step 2: Source your land

Time to start looking for a patch of dirt to build on! Here are a few factors to consider when buying land:

  • Location

Consider things like nearby infrastructure, amenities, transport, schools, shops and parks, as well as negatives such as flight paths, traffic and train noise, power pylons and industrial areas.

  • Shape and slope

Regular-shaped, flat blocks with wide frontages are the most ideal block shapes for ease of build, while irregular battle-axe blocks can present costly problems.

  • Zoning

Ask the local council for the zoning of the block and whether it’s suitable for the type of home you wish to build.

  • Orientation

Consider how your home will be positioned in relation to the elements. A northern aspect is ideal as its positioning makes for the most comfortable living.

Step 3: Build your home

Tip - never choose your design on price alone! The key is to find quality builders with long histories of success and the buying power to deliver value without sacrificing quality. The Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Association can help you find builders in your area.

Easystart Homes: leaders in easy homes (Perth)

Find these tips for building a house handy? It gets even easier to get a home start (Perth) thanks to Easystart Homes!

  1. Finance

From financial advice to securing the most competitive home loan and helping you maximise all government grants, Easystart Homes can take care of all your financial needs.

    2.  Land

With exclusive lots north and south of the river, Easystart Homes can find you the perfect lot at a competitive price.

    3.  House

Easystart Homes offers a huge range of amazing designs of easy homes, and can even tailor house and land packages to suit your budget, lifestyle and location.

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