Slab Down Parties for New Homes (Perth)

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The slab going down is the first major milestone in the construction of your new home.

Once the concrete has been poured and set, you can really start to see your home start to take shape, and imagine what it’s going to look like on your block! First home buyers (Perth) can stand in the master suite, and imagine hosting friends in their living area, or sitting outside with a cold drink. The slab going down is a super-exciting step in your home-building journey, so why not celebrate with a ‘Slab-Down’ party?

What’s a ‘Slab Party’? Well the definition is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a party, which you host on the slab! Obviously, hosting a party on a slab of concrete with no walls, power or furniture means planning this party is a unique experience.

Follow the checklist below to make sure your first home builder (Perth) slab party is a hit!

  • Keep It Simple

The purpose of the slab party is to celebrate your home-building milestone. As you’re literally on a slab of concrete, your focus shouldn’t be trying to impress everyone with food and décor. It’s simply a cool way to get everyone together for a toast and a catch up. One of the easiest ways to keep it simple is to ask your guests to BYO their drinks (with an esky), a folding chair and a plate of finger food to share. Or if you’d rather provide the food, pizza or fish and chips are popular and easy options!

  • Check The Weather

If the weather is going to be wet, you’re better off delaying the slab party all together. If it’s going to be sunny, it’s a good idea to set up a portable gazebo on your slab for shelter. You can buy a non-permanent gazebo for around $60. If the location of your block cops a bit of wind, be sure to bring weights to keep the gazebo in place.

  • Bring The Basics

As host, you should have a large garbage bag to collect rubbish, plastic cups, plates and napkins, baby wipes, extra bottled water, spare foldable chairs and a portable stereo with batteries.

And remember, a slab party is your introduction to your future street! This is the first of many events you’ll be hosting, so you want to keep the neighbours on side. Keep the noise to a minimum and remove all rubbish from the site as you leave.

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