Dreaming of the ocean? Waves lapping gently at your feet, white sand between your toes, fresh salty air and the gentle sound of bobbing boats tied up at the jetty?

Even if you don’t live near the seaside, one awesome benefit of owning a new home (Perth) is that you can deck them out in nautical-feel décor. Not only will it give your home a clean, crisp look, it’s also timeless style that will stay fresh for years to come!

And you don’t have to fully re-design your home either – small, inexpensive touches can bring fresh and breezy nautical-themed touches to easy homes too. We hope these decorating tips inspire you to leave the landlord for a life of seaside style in your own home!

  • Keep it simple

The number one rule with achieving a nautical look is subtlety – you don’t want guests to feel like they've walked into a Titanic memorabilia store! Design Manager of Easystart Homes, Peter Wilkinson, believes you should keep it simple.

“Using too many nautical elements at once will lead to a cluttered look, which goes against the relaxed, breezy vibe you’re going for in easy homes,” he said. “Get your colour scheme settled with some subtle seaside inspired wall paints, then carefully introduce different elements from there.”

  • Stripes

Striped pattern in blue, white and red shades is the classic way to introduce a nautical theme into your home. “Set against a fresh backdrop, striped print elements like pillows, rugs or table lamps really bring that timeless coastal style to life.”

  • Authentic nautical items

You need to tread lightly when introducing real nautical pieces like anchors, wooden oars, brass compasses and buoys. Pick one or two interesting pieces per room and let them breathe as unique features.

  • Maps

Some simple and inexpensive additions are framed sailing maps. Print one off yourself or fossick through op-shops and garage sales to find an authentic vintage piece.

  • Bowl of shells

Got a collection of seashells you’ve had sitting in a cupboard all these years? Simply find a beautiful glass bowl and put them on display! The watery-theme of your bathroom makes the perfect place to showcase your creative shell piece.

  • Portholes

Are you handy on the tools? Installing an actual porthole window in a room of your home makes a striking statement of seaside style.

  • Feature walls

A salient way to bring a room to life in coastal style is through a feature wall. “Collect old driftwood and assemble it as a solid backdrop behind your bed for a real natural feel,” said Mr Wilkinson. “The addition of fish netting, old rope and other washed up boat items can be subtly added for enhanced effect.”

  • Simple kitchen decor

Your kitchen is the social hub of your home, and simple additions can achieve a classic nautical feel without having to remortgage! Set your dinner table with subtle touches like nautical patterned napkins, wicker placemats and ocean-inspired dinnerware.

  • New home self-expression starts with Easystart Homes

Feeling inspired to bring nautical style into your home? Then ditch the renting game for good and discover the perks of owning new homes (Perth). It may seem daunting, but according to Mr Wilkinson, Easystart Homes make it as easy and breezy as the seaside.

“We’re set up to help people make the transition to first homeownership,” he said. So when it comes to easy homes, Perth first homebuyers look to us. We know all the tips for building a new home, and lead the way when it comes to home start in Perth.”

If you would like expert tips for building a house, or would like to get the new home ball rolling, contact us today!

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