The Ingredients for Saving - How to Eat Well and Still Save $3,000 for a Deposit!

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Attention First Home Buyers! Have you heard the good news? If you’re in the market for a home of your own, all you need to get started is $3,000!

From home finance through to building, the process has never been easier.

This plan will get your savings account in shape, but at the same time, help you avoid the boring 2-minute-noodle-and-baked-beans diet.

Follow the Set Menu below and you’ll have the $3,000 for your new home quicker than you think!

For Starters

Buy what’s in season. It’s a popular way to save cash when grocery shopping. But a lot of people don’t do it because they’re not sure which fruits and vegetables are in season when! The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to find in-season fruit and vegetables at the best price is to shop at a local farmers market. This way you can be sure that what you’re buying is fresh and not overpriced, plus you have the extra benefit of supporting your local community!


Plan and Prepare. Each week, take a look at your plans for the coming 7 days. Work out what you’re going to eat, write a list, and only buy the items you’ll need from the supermarket. It’s great to have meal-back-ups on hand too, in case you find yourself feeling tempted to fork out for an overpriced takeaway meal after a long and busy day at work. A meal-back-up is something on hand. A cheap, delicious and healthy option is to cook a large quantity of a favorite meal (like a curry or pasta), divide the food into individual portions, seal and freeze! This way, even if your schedule is extra hectic, you won’t be forced into dishing out extra dosh at a passing drive-thru.


And finally – never grocery shop when you’re hungry! A starving stomach can turn any ‘Sensible Suzie’ into a wild-woman, filling the trolley with dozens of un-needed items as though the zombie apocalypse is finally upon us!

Hungry for a home of your own? All you need is $3,000. Easystart will take care of the rest!

At Easystart, their aim is to make things easy – from home finance through to building.

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