Quick and affordable home makeovers

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The first time you met, there was instant chemistry.

Every moment together felt perfect as you basked in the newness of each other. Yet as the years went by, things began to feel a bit less ‘sparkly’. You were still madly in love, but you and your first home needed a spark to reignite your connection.

If it’s time to refresh your home romance, step forward and embrace these 8 quick and affordable home makeover ideas for first home buyers that won’t break the budget!

  • Learn some new moves

Always had the couch in the same old spot? And the coffee table? What about your master bed? Think back to when you first moved into your affordable home (Perth) – were there other furniture layout options that you considered at the time? Enlist another pair of helping hands and start shuffling your furniture around. Can the couch face another way? Could the TV be hung on another wall? Can your bed move around so that you wake up to a new outlook? These little changes can all work wonders to elevate your mood!

  • Furnishings refresh

Are you greeted daily by the same old tired cushions and doona covers? Sheets, doonas and cushion covers are more affordable than ever, so embrace some bold new patterns and colours to enliven your first home interiors!

  • Light things up

Quirky lighting is not just super cute, it’s also very affordable for first home buyers (Perth)! From fun lamps to different coloured globes and solar-powered lanterns in the alfresco, lighting is an affordable element to play around with. And if a room feels particularly dark and gloomy, make sure items aren’t blocking sunlight and give those windows a good clean too!

  • Style scents

Coastal, earthy or fruity, bringing scent into your home will always be in style as long as shoes and pets continue to give off unwanted odours! Scents are super affordable too – if you have young kids, perhaps consider reed diffusers over candles.

  • Green with plant envy

Fresh flowers always refresh a room, but only for about a week tops! Opt for real plants instead, such as potted palms. Remember that the pots are an opportunity to add fresh colour to your first home interiors as well, so look for some cheap metallic pots or go for terracotta and paint them yourself! Be sure to do your research first into what plants are toxic to pets and children.

  • Make a splash

A splash of paint can’t be overlooked when making over your home on a budget. With just one coat in a fun new colour, you can change the entire atmosphere of a room, or your whole affordable home!

  • Get snap happy

Picture walls are very on trend, plus they’re a great DIY project. Select your favourite snaps, print them out and frame them – browse your second hand shop for cheap frames of all shapes and styles that will look very cool when combined together.

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