Attention Perth Home Builders! Planning To Build? First, Plan To Plan

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Whether it’s the perfect date outfit, the best party or the most epic holiday ever – planning is key!

If you want to get where you want to be, hitch-free, it’s so important to plan. Especially for Perth home builders. Building your first home will likely be the biggest journey of your life so far, not to the mention the one you’ll spend the most amount of money on! Proper planning is the best way to avoid having any building regrets along the way.

The two biggest regrets of buyers who failed to plan are;

Botched Budgeting

Sometimes, new home builders (Perth) can find it tempting to bite off more than they can chew when it comes to spending. We would all love a home that’s bigger and better than our mates, but once those mortgage payments kick in, the financial stress will take the shine off your new house. You also have to allow funds for the outdoors (landscaping), floor coverings and furniture. Plus, sticking to a budget isn’t easy for everyone. So it’s no surprise stacks of Perth home builders are opting for turnkey homes, which come fully finished! For details on the easy, hassle-free option of turnkey homes, click here


Perth builders are pretty good when it comes to future-proofing their floor plans. For example, if it’s just the two of you now, but you want to start a family in the next five years, then you’ll want to include those future family members in mind with extra bedrooms. However, research has found many new home builders (Perth) wished they had planned for more storage stage, a bigger kitchen and a better living area. To avoid a floor plan fail of your own, it’s worth talking a new home builder who’s recently gone through the process, and asking what they would change if they could go back and to it again.

The First Step In Proper Planning Starts With Easystart Homes

As WA’s first home specialist, Easystart make home ownership easy and affordable for home builders in Perth and the South West. Now you’ve got a taste of what lies ahead, why not chat to one of the best builders in Perth about getting your dream first home off the ground! Call Easystart today on 7 days a week 6555 7549.

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