Pet Proof Your First Home With Our Pawsome Design Tips

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One of the ‘ruffest’ things about renting is having to deal with the extremely common ‘no pets’ clause.

Which leads us to yet another great reason for finally becoming a first home builder – fur children! Whether you’re crazy about cats, desperate for a dog or fretting for a ferret, the pitter patter of little paws can make it feel like you’re finally at home. Yet while your furry friend might be ridiculously good looking, they can also wreak a ridiculous amount of havoc on some ill-chosen design features and furnishings.

To help keep your new home looking as good as the day you built it, we’ve dug up these top 7 tips!

  • Colour match the coat!

If your pet is the shedding kind, it won’t be long before your floors and furniture also have their own furry coat. Because lint-rolling the house daily isn’t realistic, it makes sense to colour match your floors and furniture to your pet’s coat. Got a dark-haired fur baby? Skip the white interior palette for deep charcoal couches and wooden flooring.

  • Throw rugs & indoor/outdoor rugs

Throw rugs have a very literal name for pet owners, as they have saved many a couch from the inevitable random vomit! Throw rugs come in a range of stylish tones and patterns to give your living areas a cool punch of colour. Or why not ask your couch manufacturer for an extra cut of the fabric used on your couch for a more subtle form of protection.

Indoor/outdoor rugs make great indoor furnishings for pet owners as they are easy to clean while being soft under foot.

  • Hideaway the tray

When designing the floorplan for your new home, think about the placement of the laundry. If you don’t want your guests seeing Whiskers having a wee moment to herself, we suggest placing the laundry well away from living areas.

That said, a kitty litter tray doesn’t necessarily need to be locked away in the laundry. One option is to build a square bench around the cat litter tray, giving your feline friend some privacy while adding to your seating. Just be sure to clean the tray daily and utilise bi-carb soda to eliminate odours.

  • Storage

This one’s easy – out of sight, out of mind! Avoid finding your dog’s dental records in your Doc Martens by installing some smart storage that keeps chewable items away from prying paws.

  • Choose materials wisely

Low-pile carpet is the purrfect choice – it can look super trendy, plus it’s easier to clean (high pile carpet can conceal stray dog biscuits for days!). It’s also worthwhile considering velvet for your couches, as it doesn’t have the ‘loop’ stitching that makes most couches so appealing to cat claws. When selecting furnishing materials, go with patterns over block colours to better conceal those hard-to-remove stains.

  • Get ropeable

Wrap rope around your table legs for an instant style statement that also doubles as a convenient scratching post.

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