What Summit Homes Group being named as one of 2015’s Best Places to Work means for you..

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We (as part of the Summit Homes Group) are proud to announce that Summit Homes Group has taken national honours as one of 2015’s Best Places to Work!

Judged by the 2015 BRW Best Places to Work Study, the company is the only one with headquarters in WA and more than 100 employees, plus the only builder, to make the list.

The award has recognised Summit Homes Group for its excellence in leadership in employee programs, extensive training, open-door management, brand new facilities and a commitment to local charities.

As part of the study 97% of the Summit family told us independently that we are a great place to work.

Other Highlights from the study included:

  • 98% of staff feeling proud to tell others that they work here;
  • 97% of staff saying it is a friendly place to work;
  • 96% of staff telling people they want to work here for a long time;
  • 96% of staff saying they feel a sense of pride when they look at what the company accomplishes;
  • 95% of staff agreeing Summit celebrates special events;
  • 91% of staff feeling like they make a difference; and
  • 89% of staff saying Summit has special and unique benefits.


This honour highlights that we have an incredibly dedicated team with a very strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Their focus is on working together to consistently deliver great results for you.

This means that when you decide to partner with Easystart Homes, you can be assured you have a team extremely committed to helping you achieve your new home dream every step of the way.

To view the full list of Best Places to Work in Australia 2015 click here.

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