Narrow block benefits for first home buyers in Perth

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Just like home designs are becoming more creative with each passing generation, narrow blocks are becoming the norm for many first home buyers in Perth.

And it’s easy to see why! Narrow blocks give first home buyers in Perth what a lot of other block sizes can’t, making narrow block homes more and more popular.

Here are just some of the reasons why first home buyers in Perth are narrowing in on narrow block homes:

  • Narrow lot homes can be more affordable for first home buyers

Narrow block designs achieve a lot of living space without the need for a huge block. Narrow blocks can be more affordable than bigger block sizes, as you don’t have to buy as much land to achieve an awesome home design.

  • Narrow lot homes can be in fantastic locations

While narrow blocks can be found in many locations, they are definitely prominent in inner city suburbs where a large home design has been demolished and the block subdivided. So if you’ve got visions of living fairly close to the city, a narrow block could be your way in.

Compared to other home designs, narrow block designs force new home builders to think outside the box. With sometimes less than 10m of block width to work with, creators of narrow block designs can come up with some pretty innovative ideas that could make your narrow lot home a standout.

At Easystart Homes, we love introducing our narrow lot designs to first home buyers in Perth. Two examples of our narrow block homes are the Osteria and the Oxford home designs.

The Osteria is one of our new homes in Perth designed specifically for narrow lots, with just a 10m width required. Inside, this three bedroom, two bathroom narrow block home feels beautifully spacious with so much included under the one roof including a home office and a private courtyard just for the masters of the house.

Other cool style features of this narrow block design include an awesome skillion roof, steel entry framework and a mood-setting recessed ceiling in the open plan living area.

Another of our narrow block designs for first home buyers in Perth is the Oxford. The Oxford requires even less land to be built with a minimum narrow block width of just 7.5m.

Open the door and you’ll be treated to a huge master suite and separate children’s wing, giving guests or kids heaps of space to call their own. The kitchen, dining area, living room and courtyard form one long decadent space in this narrow block design, while the double garage and laundry (complete with walk-in linen cupboard) mean you’ll have plenty of room to call your own.

To find out more about our awesome narrow lot home designs for first home buyers in Perth, give us a buzz today on 6555 7549!

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