Moving tips for your first home move!

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With all the excitement of designing and building your first home, it can be easy to forget to plan for moving house.

Yet with a little bit of planning now, your first home move can be a really easy move too!

Here are some quick home moving tips to help make sure your first house move is also a super simple move:

  • Crunch the numbers

Undertaking that first home move means becoming responsible for typical first home running costs such as mortgage repayments, rates and energy bills. There can also be some initial first home set up costs, such as connection fees and arranging home and contents insurance.

To make an easy move into first home ownership, crunch all the numbers and make sure you have enough cash flow to meet upfront and ongoing payments. This means you won’t have to worry about running back to the bank of mum and dad during and after your first house move.

  • Get house trained

Perhaps your previous home had a cleaner. Or your housemate loved to cook, meaning you didn’t have to. Therefore, your first home move can mean having to learn some new skills! Before moving house, brush up on any skills you’re lacking by learning some recipes and doing a DIY course at Bunnings so you know how to fix that dripping tap yourself!

  • Establish ground rules before your first move

Creating ground rules for cohabitating is an important home moving tip for a simple move. If you’re undertaking your first house move with a partner, or plan on taking in housemate/s, sit down before moving home and agree upon a list of ‘house rules’ to assist with harmonious living in your new home!

  • Make sure your first home is the right one!

Above all, your first home move will be an easy move if you are moving into the right place. With new homes in Perth on offer across the metro area, narrow your search down to the new homes in Perth that are located in suburbs where you’ll be happy to live.

Sizes of new homes in Perth can also vary greatly – make sure you have enough space for yourself, potential partners and guests to help ensure an easy move from day one!

Moving home is easy with Easystart Homes!

Enjoy an easy move into your first home with Easystart Homes! In addition to home moving tips, we can help you find your ideal new home in Perth, arrange competitive finance in-house and keep you informed every step of the way.

Make the easy move and call us today on 6555 7549!

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