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Move over 2015 – you’ve been replaced by a newer, fresher, sexier year!

If you’ve been thinking of building your first home, then now’s the time to get excited! We’re no clairvoyants, but we predict good things will happen for you this year. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the news, you’ve probably noticed the property market is in a bit of a dry spell. In 2016, the resources downturn is set to impact Perth property prices even further, with falls of between one and seven per cent expected.

Not great news for those looking to sell, but for first home buyers, you’re in prime position to finally enter the property market (high five!).

Read on to learn our tips and trends that could make your 2016 a year to remember.


The GFC really freaked the banks out! These days, buying your first home generally means you need to cough up somewhere between 10%-20% of the home’s purchase price if you want to convince your bank to lend you finance. So you need to start saving now.

Here are our top tips to speed up your saving.

  • Budget

Saving is a hard slog – you need some serious motivation. Giving yourself clear goals to work towards each week will help you sharpen your focus.

  • Sacrifice

Every little bit counts, so do whatever it takes to scrimp. Eliminate all the dollar-sapping expenses in your weekly routine that you can easily do without (e.g. coffees), and pick one big expense to sacrifice for the time being (e.g. gym membership).

  • Pay Off Your Credit Card

And don’t get another one! It’s almost impossible to save when you’re paying off other loans.

  • Stop Renting

Rent is dead money. Ask to move in with a friend or family member instead.

  • Set up a high interest savings account

Once you’ve saved a few thousand, move your money into a fixed term deposit account. Not only will it lock your money away for a prolonged period (for those tempting days when a new TV sounds like a good idea), but the longer you agree to leave the money there, the higher the interest rates you get.

  • Start soon

The sooner you start, the more time you’ll have for interest to work its magic on your savings.


Design styles come and go, and often this coincides with the New Year. We’ve compiled a list of design tips for this year that’ll come in handy once that finance has been approved and you’re ready to build your dream first home.

Home decor this year is all about colour, texture and natural materials.

  • Bring Nature In

Small plant life, outdoor furniture and experimentation is going to be hot in 2016.

  • Crafted Goods

Artisan goods are in, from tassels to basketry and crochet. Buy locally made and globally crafted goods.

  • Natural Minerals

From placing large chunks of quartz on display, to filling feature bowls with pyrite, natural minerals are all the rage in the home.

  • Warm Metallics

Retro bling like brass, gold and metallic finishes (made popular in the 50s and 70s) will be a hit this year.

  • Bold colours

Rich, dramatic blue-green hues (like peacock) will be another trending colour tone for 2016. Team it with a crisp white timber for an edgy look.

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