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9 clever narrow block design tips for first home builders.

Looking at slender sites? Unlike skinny jeans, skinny blocks are here to stay. And for good reason! Big homesites usually come with an equally big price tag, which is bad news for first home buyers. Narrow blocks make property ownership way more realistic, plus, because they’re often the result of subdivision, you can usually nab one in a great established suburb.

So once you know you’re going narrow, it’s good to start thinking about how you can make the most of every square metre so your new pad feels way bigger than it actually is.

Here are the Top 9 tips for narrow block designs (Perth)

  • Let in the light – windows + skylights

The more natural light you can invite into your home, the more spacious it will feel. Go big on windows, especially on the north facing side of your narrow block home. Transparent window coverings are great for providing privacy during the day but still allowing the light in. Skylights are also worth looking into – they don’t cost all that much, and they can make any room feel instantly bigger and brighter. And once they’re in, they’re free to operate!

  • Vanishing doors

Keep walkways clear by integrating doors into the walls. Rather than a traditional door that opens in and out, ask for a ‘flush jam cavity slider’ that slides in and out of the wall – they look super cool and keep spaces nice and clear.

  • More in store

Storage is a no brainer if you want the best bang for your buck in your narrow block home. Squeeze storage wherever you can, even under the stairs!

  • Aim high

Ceiling height is a biggie for narrow block homes. Go as high as your budget can afford – if you can stretch the limits to get a skillion roof, do it! It’s not essential but gives your room that awesome airy feel. Soaring voids are also ideal in a narrow block home.

  • Eliminate unutilised space

Big hallways are a key example of wasted space in a narrow block home, considering they serve no additional purpose (i.e., you are unlikely to kick back in it!). So keep walkways to a minimum, and maybe ditch that formal lounge too that you are unlikely to ever make the most of.

  • Open up

Open plan living, full of clean lines and unobstructed ‘lines of sight’ are what you want in a narrow block design to avoid feeling ‘boxed in’.

  • Colour me skinny

Dark colours have a habit of closing in a room. Go for creams/off-white colour palettes that reflect the light and keep everything feeling open and inviting.

  • Get smart outside

Dreaming of a big veggie garden? You’re better off utilising that square meterage INSIDE and getting smarter outside, such as installing a vertical garden that lets you have multiple plants in a smaller space.

  • Don’t forget the furnishings!

Choose furniture wisely – look for items that can do more than one thing! Think coffee tables and ottomans with storage inside, or couches that double as a sofa bed for those extra guests.

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