Landscaping Tips For First Home Buyers

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Budget Landscaping Tips For First Home Buyers (Perth)

So, you’re about to spend every last cent on that deposit for your new home? Think you’ll have to stare at a bare patch of hot sand out back until you can afford to get the landscapers in?

Ba-bow! Not if you’re a glass half full kind of homeowner!

There are stacks of great ways for you to create a stylish, comfortable outdoor space without breaking the bank – all it takes is a little thinking outside the box.

Here’s our top 10 tips for the budget-conscious first home buyer (Perth):

  • Cover up concrete

Got a boring concrete slab patio but don't want to fork out for expensive pavers, tiles or decking? Concrete paint to the rescue! Available in a wide range of colours with the ability to play with patterns, it’s an inexpensive way to add a touch of style to an otherwise drab landscaping element.

  • One man’s junk is another man’s treasure

In today’s age of online trading posts, finding old free items has never been easier. From weathered watering cans, to suitcases, wine barrels, baskets, and birdcages, there’s an endless supply of treasured junk out there just waiting to be discovered. Go dumpster diving if you have to!

  • Too much mulch is never enough!

Give your garden beds and exposed soil a finished look by covering it in rich coloured mulch. Along with lawn it’s the ‘carpet’ of the landscape world, with the added advantage of blocking weeds and holding nutrients for your plants.

  • Go crazy on big pots

Pots dress entries, porches and patios and add a splash of colour to bland spaces. Rather than waste money on a massive selection of small pots, choose two or three large pots holding a couple of plant varieties, or buy second-hand and decorate them with special clay paint.

Easystart Homes – the budget first home builders Perth trusts!

If you’ve got ambitions to build your first home and still be able to afford that dream landscape, talk to Easystart Homes. They’ve helped thousands of first home builders thanks to one simple goal - make everything as easy as possible. With Easystart Homes, not only do you get a high quality, high value home, they’ll also take care of everything to help you get in your new home sooner.

What’s more, you can take advantage of the first home buyers grant (Perth) when building new. Established in 2000, the first home owners grant is a WA State Government one-off payment that you can use towards the deposit of your new home. That ought to free up more money for your landscaping works!

For more information, click here and see why Easystart Homes are the easiest first home builders: Perth, WA.

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