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A 25-year-old registered nurse, Gemma Fouweather, like other young singles, has dispelled the myth that only couples, middle-aged people and families are building their first home. 

Originally wanting to build in 2016, Ms Fouweather didn't qualify for Keystart. However, with recent changes to eligibility and the increase in the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), she was able to bring to fruition her dream and is today in the process of building a four-by-two home with Easystart Homes at the Greenlea estate in Baldivis. Ms Fouwather took advantage of Easystart's $15,000 + $15,000 promotion, which means she has an extra $15,000 to spend on her home, on top of the FHOG.

How did you find out about the increase in the FHOG?

I actually found out about the increase in the FHOG from my mum. She had seen a news article about it and immediately rang me to let me know, as she knew how keen I was to buy my first home. I was immediately excited.

What difference has the increase in the FHOG made to your life and your future?

The increase in the FHOG, along with the increase in Keystart's income limits, has made my dream of ending renting and building and owning my own house a reality.

How will your new home cater to your needs and lifestyle?

I hope to have a home that has a modern feel to it. I will make the most of natural light, with the addition of highlight windows to certain rooms.

As I am a shift worker, one of the most important features of my house was having the master bedroom located to the home's rear. This way I am away from the street and will be able to optimise sunlight at certain times of the day to make it easier for me to sleep. 

I chose a plan with an open-plan kitchen, dining and living area as I like to entertain friends and family on a regular basis, along with an alfresco coming off the dining area.

Why did you choose the Mozambique design at the Greenlea estate in Baldivis?

The Mozambique design has everything I want in a house without going way over budget. A 4 x 2 was important for me as I hope to have children in the future. If I sell in the future, this also adds value to the house.

My sales consultant Paul Miller walked through the Mozambique display home with me and was very accommodating to specifications and changes I wanted to make, such as moving the master bedroom to the back of the house and adding extra doors and highlight windows.

The process of choosing my house design was surprisingly easy thanks to Paul's knowledge and experience in designing and building homes.

As I have been looking at building for some time now, I came across Greenlea estate over a year ago when stage one was being released.

I love that the estate will have multiple parks and nature areas, including proposed sporting grounds in the future. I am also excited to live closer to the beach, and there is the added convenience of being only a few minutes from the shops and the freeway, making travel to and from work a breeze.

How beneficial has Easystart's $15,000 + $15,000 promotion been to your plans?

This promotion was the biggest drawcard for me to build with Easystart.

With the increase in the FHOG and the extra $15,000 offered, I have been able to add some features to my home that I previously wouldn't have been able to afford. This includes raised ceilings throughout the living areas, stone benchtops. a larger master bedroom and much more.

Originally published in The West Australian Newspaper and The Sunday Times First Home Owners Guide on April 1st and 2nd, 2017. 

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