How To Take The Property Plunge

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Leaning in for that first kiss. Arriving for a job interview. Life’s biggest moments often come with an unwanted sidekick – Nervy Neville.

Nervy Neville has a nasty habit of turning up whenever you are about to do something momentous, like deciding to build your first home. Making the plunge into property ownership is one of those life-changing decisions, where your excitement and anxiety face off like a bad Nicholas Cage movie.

Let’s look at the main reasons why first home buyers (Perth) might feel a little edgy:

  • What if I pay too much?

Ever heard someone say, “It pays to do your research?” Unlike that boring Yr 10 maths class, it’s time to do your homework – compare land prices in areas you love, and speak to first home builders about what they are giving you for your money – sometimes a slightly higher price means better value for money in the long term because the fixtures, fittings and inclusions are built to last.

  • What if I build the wrong house?

Unless you have a DeLorean time machine, it’s impossible to know whether the home you build today will serve your needs years down the track. But you can make sure your home is relatively ‘future proof’ by looking for a design that’s flexible – can the theatre become a playroom? The study become a kids bedroom? Remember that it might come down to compromise - you may not get EVERYTHING in your first home, but you can get pretty close.

  • What if I end up in over my head?

Don’t let the home design you love, dictate your budget. Instead, sit down and figure out how much of your weekly salary you are willing to commit to mortgage payments. Remember to keep money aside for other costs such as the car needing a service, maybe a trip to Bali, etc. Once you know how much you are willing to commit each week, you can then use an online mortgage calculator to figure out what grand total those weekly payments match up to.

  • What if I don’t know who to trust?

Picking a reputable company is number one. When the boom times hit, first home builders popped up like food vans at a festival. Look for those who have stood the test of time, with decades of experience and case studies they are willing to share with you. You can also engage in some social media stalking, including checking out the reviews on their Facebook page. Just keep in mind that people are far more motivated to provide feedback when they have had a negative experience, while endless positive experiences go under the radar. Still, reviews will give you a feel for the company and how they responded when things went wrong. After all, no one’s perfect!

It’s also worth talking to family and friends who’ve built their first home. Who did they trust? What would they do differently if they had their time again?

  • What if I build at the wrong time?

Waiting for the ‘right’ time to build your first home is a tricky one. If you believe the media reports, sometimes the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ time can fall in exactly the same weekly news cycle! Which is why it can be better to build when the time is right for YOU. After all, your first home is a long term investment, meaning you shouldn’t be held hostage by the short term ‘ups’ and ‘downs’.

  • What if I have regrets?

The trick here is to throw out that rear vision mirror. Sure there miiiiiiiight just be an ‘even better option’ right around the corner, but this can freeze you into inaction (and no-one would ever do anything!) So seize the moment, do what is best for you RIGHT now and you might just find you never look back.

  • Embrace the nervousness!

Keep in mind that it’s natural to feel nervy - building your first home is an epic time of your life. So make Nervy Neville your friend – he could be the reason you pay extra attention to those finer details and achieve something amazing.

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