How To Make Your Bedroom Instagram Worthy

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Ever spent hours scrolling through your Instagram feed and wondered how those bedrooms look so damn picture perfect?

Newsflash – it totally doable! Anyone can create a fabulously fashionable bedroom in their home, in an instant, without breaking the bank.

Here are our quick budget tips for first home buyers to make your bedroom ‘Instagram-worthy’.

  • Welcome to Tidy Town

No one wants to see that tub of lip-ease or your hair lackeys scattered across your bedside tables and chest of drawers! Instagrammers have attention to detail and love perfectly constructed still lifes. Pick up anything that isn’t intentionally part of the pic and hide it away in a cool shoebox.

  • Are you colour coordinated?

A picture-perfect bedroom doesn’t happen by accident. When choosing colours, it’s all about the complementary. White is your saviour, allowing you to introduce compatible colour tints one by one until you’ve got a colour scheme that dazzles the eye.

  • Pushin’ for the cushion

Cushions offer bang for your buck and come in an array of colours. Hit up your local Kmart, Target or Ikea, choose some snazzy designs, and your Instagram will be more likeable than a teddy bear serving you beer.

  • Go the glow

Turns out there are three certainties in life – death, taxes, and the clickability of the ‘flicker effect’. Instagrammers go crazy for the candle, so check out the range at Dusk (or any department store) for a sure-fire way to hot up your feed.

  • Talk to the wall

Walls hate being left bare. It’s a lonely life standing there, all stark and naked. So show ‘em some loving! Uber cool artwork is a must, but there are loads of ‘in’ hanging trends right now, from quirky clocks to deer heads and bunting.

  • ‘Shelfies’ are in

First home buyers - get your creative cap on! Pics of creative shelving are sure to be a big hit in your bedroom. Experiment with different angles and materials and you’ll find shelving not only looks hot – it’s extremely practical too. All those books, CDs, postcards, candles and trinkets you stow away and rarely look at suddenly have a place in the spotlight.

  • Green with envy?

Admit it - we’ve all seen a fellow Instagrammer’s bedroom décor and longed for that perfect plant installation. Greenery frequents many a feed, intriguing the eye with its fun contradiction (“But you’re a plant – why are you inside?!”). Google indoor plants and you’ll find a range of fab flora that’ll take your bedroom pics to chic city.

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