How to build your first home

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Have you become a restless renter?

Or tired of still sharing the same couch with mum and dad? Fast track your independence with this handy guide to building your first home, including swift finance options and tips for building a new home in no time at all!

  • FINANCE TIP #1: No deposit? No worries!

A major reason why so many first home buyers (Perth) endure a long wait for their own place is the need to get a deposit together. Yet when you’re already forking out for rent, food, bills and petrol, it’s no wonder it can take a while for the savings to rack up.

The short cut solution? Look for a no savings home loan! Be sure to speak only to reputable finance providers and get all the facts and fees explained to you in plain English before signing on.

  • FINANCE TIP #2: Grab the grants!

As a first home buyer (Perth), you’re likely entitled to at least one government subsidy and possibly other grants as well. This is essentially ‘free’ money to help get you into your own home sooner, so it pays not to miss out on a cent! Look for a homebuilder who is well versed across the very latest in first home buyer grants as their requirements and funding amounts can change over time.

  • DESIGN TIP: Browse designs online

While it’s worth checking out display homes to get a feel for a builder’s quality and style, trying to visit all those in your price range can take a very long time! Instead, jump onto each builder’s website and browse their home designs. A good builder should have options for filtering search results based on lot size and price, meaning you can scroll through heaps of exciting possibilities without leaving home.

Not all new home builds are the same. On the one hand, you could be handed the keys to a home that doesn’t even have painted walls or fencing, meaning you’re facing a lot of busy weekends until you can actually start to enjoy your finished home. On the other hand, you could build a turn key home, which is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to own a complete home that’s ready to move into. As the name suggests, you simply turn the key and move in your furniture – no DIY!

  • FINAL TIP: Build with Easystart Homes!

Considering Easystart Homes are built from the ground up to make home ownership easy for first home buyers, it’s no surprise that we have some ultra smart shortcuts that you can take advantage of right now!

Our depositassist is a no savings home loan solution that can definitely speed up your long-awaited exit from the rental trap. Plus, we’re full bottle on first home buyer (Perth) grants, meaning if there’s some money out there with your name on it, we’ll track it down!

What’s more, we offer turn key homes that are packed out with goodies such as fantastic flooring, 20mm stone benchtops to the kitchen, double lock up garage with remote sectional door, fencing AND reticulated landscaping.

And because we’ve been around for a long time, you know you’re in good hands.

Fast-forward that new home build with us, Easystart Homes. We look forward to hearing from you on 6555 7549!

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