How a little help from friends can get you a home sooner!

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They picked you up at 11pm when your car broke down. They didn’t laugh (much) when you cried at the end of Red Dog. And they could just be your ticket to becoming a first home buyer sooner!

Great mates aren’t just great to have around; they could also help you do great things in the property market. From making sure you save the necessary coin to going shares in the mortgage repayments, here’s how your friends could get you into your first home!

Did someone say house party?

While no one should have to sacrifice a good time, it’s no secret that heading out on the town can hit your back pocket hard. Once you’ve forked out for the taxi or uber, venue entry and expensive drink prices, it can be a struggle just to find the dough for that greasy 2am kebab. So make a pact with your mates to party at home – there are no lines to get in, the refreshments are far more affordable and comfier shoes are just a wardrobe away!

Exercise together

Gym memberships and personal trainers are pricey! But a lot of us continue to pay them because let’s face it, otherwise you’d probably not be motivated enough to get off the couch! To make sure you keep burning calories without burning through the cash, buddy up with a mate and work out together. Run, cycle or use the free cardio/weights equipment that is popping up in Perth’s public spaces. Agree in advance to set times and locations and if one of you doesn’t turn up, they have to do 30 push-ups next time.

Have a cooking day

Buying lunch, dinner and snacks all adds up. Meet up with a mate once a week to cook enough food for the week – freeze all your lunches and dinners, as well as snacks like muffins or mini-quiches. Make sure you both ‘special spot’ during the week so you’re getting the ingredients for the best possible price too.

Swap clothes

Always wearing the same dress to family gatherings? Get together with some mates to organise a clothes-swap event – everyone brings ten items, including jackets and shoes, which they hardly wear anymore. You’ll each leave with a new wardrobe that didn’t cost a cent.  

Hold each other to (bank) account

Sit down with a mate and agree to a set budget each week. If one of you goes over, they have to pay a penalty, such as washing the other person’s car.

Speak to Easystart Homes about splitting your mortgage!

In addition to helping you save money, your mate might just become your co-investor! At Easystart Homes, our in-house finance team can help you and your mate purchase a new home together. By teaming up to become first home buyers, chances are you can afford to up-scale your home, plus you’ll be splitting those ongoing costs like rates and insurance.

To talk about your sensational options as first home buyers, and to view heaps of new house and land packages in Perth, give our friendly team a call on 6555 7549!

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