How to host a successful housewarming (without ruining your new home)

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Buying your first new home is a cause for celebration.

But before you revel in your achievement, remember that crowds, drinks and music are a recipe for stained carpet, broken windows and headaches the morning after!

Don’t stress – it doesn’t mean you have to dilute your celebrations down to a game of scrabble over herbal tea!

Just follow our EASY guide to a mishap-less housewarming.

1. Choose your attendees wisely

Note to self – openly posting about the party on your Facebook feed for all the world to see is new home kamikaze! Biggest is not always best, so think carefully about which family and friends you want to attend (Messy Uncle Merv might best sit this one out) and create a Facebook event. If you are as popular as ice cream in summer, then consider holding several shindigs to keep things under control.

2. Give people notice

The flipside to guest overload is no guests at all! People like to make plans in advance, so don’t create a Facebook event on the day of your housewarming. Usually three weeks’ notice is fine.

3. Party-proof your home

You can’t stop Tipsy Tanya from tipping that Cab Sav all over the floor - but you can prevent it from staining your new plush carpet! And that means you won’t spend the evening stressing out about who will do what, next.

  • Close off / lock any doors of rooms you don’t want people to enter and attach a keep out sign (make sure you provide access to the toilet/s)
  • Lay down protective sheeting over your flooring and furniture (such as clear plastic or old carpet)
  • Have some ‘emergency’ cleaning products on hand to mop or clean up any spills and breakages
  • Keep delicate furniture and homewares out of reach.

4. Fence off your front lawn

It’s dark when they arrive.The driveway is already full. But they want to get as close to the house as possible – and that means your beloved lawn out front with its perfect reticulation system is about to cop some serious wheel-spinning abuse! Barricade anywhere that you want free from cars, and nominate appropriate parking spaces in your invite (such as along the road or in a nearby parking lot).

5. Bins bins bins

Unfortunately, the ground and garden beds are very appealing places to leave empty bottles, unwanted food and other assorted rubbish. You can avoid this by setting up multiple bins all over your property (lid open so disposal effort is minimal).

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