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One of the most enjoyable things about becoming a first home buyer is the fun of looking at heaps of home designs (Perth).

As time goes on, you might start to notice that most house plans (Perth) embrace either rear or front/traditional living.

For example, in a rear living home, the main living areas are grouped together at the rear of the home, with all of the bedrooms at the front of the home. In contrast, a front/traditional living home might see some bedrooms located at the rear of the home, with the main living areas shifted towards the front.

Wondering which option is best suited to your lifestyle? Below are the key benefits of both options.

  • Rear living

A cool example of rear living is visible in our Contempo display home. This four bedroom, two bathroom family home is ultra versatile, giving it mass appeal to a wide range of first home builders (Perth).

Importantly, the Contempo embraces rear living, giving you these awesome benefits in your new home:

  1. Clear zoning – if you love home designs that have a clear distinction between the bedrooms and the living areas, chances are you’ll love a rear living home. As seen in the Contempo, the four bedrooms and study are grouped together at the front of the home, creating a vast secluded zone that can be closed off from the noise and activity that’s happening in the entertaining areas of the home.
  2. More privacy – Thanks to the clear zoning described above, you are maximising privacy for all of the bedrooms.
  3. Greater integration with alfresco – Indoor/outdoor living is ultra fashionable right now, meaning your indoor and outdoor living areas flow freely into one another. This phenomenon occurs naturally in the Contempo, where doors can be thrown open to form one huge flexible area for just about any entertaining style.
  4. Views from the open plan – Rear living is a great way to optimise views of the garden from the main living areas.
  5. Multi-use home theatre – traditionally, the home theatre is an ‘off shoot’ of the main living areas, designed to be enjoyed in isolation. Yet in the Contempo, your home theatre can be opened right up to the alfresco, opening up a whole new world of potential. Throw a barbeque in the alfresco while guests come and go from the footy on the big screen, keep an eye on kids playing the X-Box, or close it up for those nights when you want that boutique cinema atmosphere.
  • Front / traditional living

Our Adina display home is a stunning example of front/traditional living, where three bedrooms and two bathrooms are ‘anchored’ by an attractive open plan living area that takes on a more central/forward position in the home, as compared to the Contempo.

The key benefits of front/traditional living in the Adina are:

  1. Greater independence - Unlike the Contempo, the Adina creates extremely distinct adult and children wings, which both zones enjoying their own part of the home before coming together in the open plan living area.
  2. The masters retreat is optimised – Given the seclusion of your master suite, it really can feel like a retreat. Separated from all other noise, such as the kids tearing around the alfresco with their scooters, you can relax as you look out onto the front garden views.
  3. The kitchen is more central – When you consider how often the kitchen is utilised, there are obvious benefits to bringing it forward from the very rear of the home. In addition, it’s closer to the garage for when you are returning home with the groceries.
  4. The home theatre is more secluded – Should you wish to keep your home theatre as a completely separate entertaining option, the Adina is the home for you!

Discover the best of both worlds with Easystart Homes

At Easystart Homes, we proudly embrace a range of home designs that give first home buyers the flexibility to create the ultimate oasis, no matter your personal preferences or lifestyle.

If you’re thinking about building your first home, we’d love to show you the many ways we make it incredibly easy to be a happy and successful first home buyer. Call us today on 6555 7549!

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