Have you signed the dotted line with your new homebuilder? Let’s look back to see if you’ve made to right choice…

Here are 7 signs you’ve contracted the best builder in Perth:

  • Does the design meet your needs?

With so many different builders out there, it goes without saying that there are more variations in type, range, and style than a supermarket isle. The best builder will have helped you find the design that’s right for you, not what’s right for their sales figures.

  • Does their experience show?

This is your first home, so you probably know as much about the process as you do about rhinoceros heart bypass surgery (apologies to any specialist veterinarians). The best home builders (Perth WA) with strong experience overall won’t have any trouble showing you the ropes every step of the way.

  • Does their track record stack up?

Never judge a book by its cover – judge it by the testimonials others provide. If you know different people have had the same positive experiences as you have so far, it’s likely you're building with one of the best builders in Perth.

  • Are they registered builders?

If you find out that your builder isn’t licensed after you’ve signed the dotted line, maybe start panicking. It’s crucial that your builder is registered so you can be sure that they abide by industry standards.

  • Have they honoured your warranty?

Put it this way – any repairs needed on a new home are signs that you probably haven't chosen the best home builders (Perth)! However, those who redeem themselves by promptly honouring your warranty show they take your happiness seriously.

  • Are other homes they’ve built holding good resale value?

You know that dodgy car you bought for $10k, then sold two years later for $430 and an expired pack of chewies? Well, that’s not what you want. Quality homes from the best builders in Perth tend to hold or maintain their value.

  • Are signs of quality starting to show?

If you’re up to the building stage, have a sticky beak at the kinds of materials being used. Using brands with well-earned reputations often signal you’ve found the best home builder.

Perth – you need to experience Easystart Homes

Of course, the easiest way to see if you have contracted the best builders in Perth is to look at the logo on your builder’s shirt - if is says Easystart Homes, you’re onto a winner!

With a mission to make your build as easy as possible by delivering value-packed quality and taking care of everything for you in-house, it’s no wonder Easystart Homes has helped thousands of first home builders into their dream homes.

Check out the best display homes (Perth) from Easystart Homes today!

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