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First home buyer? Enjoy a hassle free approach with turn-key homes (Perth).

Got big plans to own your first home? When talking to friends who’ve done the same, it can become clear that some people experienced far less ‘bumps in the road’ than others.

If you’d prefer your trip into home ownership to resemble cruising across a glassy lake, rather than tackling 20-foot rapids, consider the benefits of turn-key packages (Perth).

A big clue is in the name. With a turn-key home, all you have to do is ‘turn the key’ and move on in. No scrambling for painters and electricians or spending the weekends fencing and landscaping. A turn-key package means just about everything is taken care of for you through one point of contact, and all for one overarching price.

  • Less organising + less responsibility = less added costs + less hassle

Think about building a non-turn-key home. First, you’ll need to find a block of land and go through the process of purchasing it. Then, you’ll need to discover a home design that suits both your lifestyle AND your new block. Once your new home is finally built, you’ve got more work to do. Chances are, there won’t be any landscaping, or fencing, or window treatments! Time to find more cash while also doing what you can yourself, not quite the hassle-free homecoming!

A turn-key home is far more relaxing as you can see the big picture upfront, and it’s all tied up nicely in a bow. In one convenient package, you’ll receive a great homesite, a quality home and all the finishing touches. Chances are, you’ll even pay less for the finished product too, as your builder should be able to leverage their buying power to secure trades and materials for less than you’d pay yourself.

And the best part? Your new home is ready to enjoy straight away, meaning Sunday mornings are spent sleeping in, not painting and landscaping.

  • Added bonus – easy investment option!

Should you be considering renting out your new home, ready built homes (Perth) make for an easy investment. Being able to hand the keys directly to your new tenants means you’re collecting rent straight away from your brand new, low maintenance property.

Take the easy approach with turn-key packages (Perth) from Easystart Homes!

Ready to turn the key on your fantastic new lifestyle? Our turn-key packages (Perth) are jam packed with quality extras. Enjoy fantastic flooring and window treatments, 20mm stone benchtops in the kitchen, 31c high ceilings in every room of the house, double lock up garage with remote sectional door, fencing, reticulated landscaping AND a contemporary elevation suited to any development requirements.

For the very latest on our turn-key homes (Perth) and the long list of inclusions we throw in, give us a call on 6555 7549!

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